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Reminder: It’s Your Job To Heal

October was a hard month for me. I had filled my tray to teetering heights when it had come to advocating for both TSW and eczema. I actually had recognized that I was doing a bit too much, and just as I had taken a step back from everything, I took a huge step back in when the whole Dr. Sandra Lee thing went down. Big mistake on my part.

Breaking my own promise

Though the desired results were partially achieved, jumping right back into advocating when I had just promised myself to take a step back to focus on me ended up having a snowball effect of events that, in a nutshell, were unpleasant. All this could have been easily avoided if I had just kept the promise I had made to myself. Listen to your body when it’s telling you something, Linette! You do not like being ignored!

A reminder to focus on healing

When embarking on your TSW journey, you must remind yourself time and again that your #1 job is to HEAL. You need to constantly remind yourself of this because during your healing journey, some parts of you may momentarily heal faster than others. For example, maybe your mind isn’t as riddled by brain fog, and the insomnia isn’t as terrible as it used to be. Your mind and ego convince you that you can do more with your days, say create and take part in an online showcase featuring fellow itchy warriors on The Itch Factor, hold Global MeetUps, continue sharing your healing journey on social media, support fellow warriors, and continue advocacy with your community, the NEA and ITSAN.

The oxygen mask rule

Who in the world are you trying to impress? Why do you feel you need to take on so much? You’re already helping people by sharing your journey openly on social platforms. This is already a lot and more than enough. Why take on the additional stress? SAVE YOURSELF.

Here’s the thing - the saying “The road to hell is lined with good intentions” is sadly incredibly true. That quote defined my September, October, and some of my November. Another way to look at it is the Oxygen Mask Rule: “...should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area. Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.”

Take time for YOU

So be selfish, and don't you dare feel an ounce of guilt! TSW is unpredictable and abnormal. So for you to try to give more than 100% every day when your body isn’t even at 50% is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong - advocacy is needed in our communities, but make sure to do it in your own way and in your own time. There are enough warriors farther along in their healing journeys to take up the torch, and there will be lots of work waiting for you once you’ve come farther along in your healing. But right now, the world needs you to focus on yourself. *Permission granted for you to be selfish*

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