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Two women smiling on a date, one woman has visible skin lesions and thinks of herself sad and alone

Handling Rejection When Dating With Eczema

Many times, it seems to be that when eczema warriors are dating and get rejected or ghosted, they assume full responsibility for the failure of the date or relationship. And while appearance may be a factor to a degree, I think that something we need to realize is that dating is a two-way street and that the other person also has a responsibility in whether or not you continue seeing each other. It is also their fault. We must find a way to believe that we can find real love that will be there for us in sickness and in health, not just in health.

Is my skin the reason I'm being rejected?

Even people with perfect, clear, smooth, porcelain skin still get rejected. Even celebrities and the royals get broken up with and they have it all made in life. Considering this fact, I think we need to let go of the fear of our skin being the one defining factor that will make a person want to date us or not.

What's been the cause of my breakups?

In my experience, even when I had very visible rashes on my eyes and face - and even when those rashes got worse after I started dating someone because I felt a pressure with things getting more serious — I have never been dumped because of my skin. If a relationship ever ended, it was more for emotional reasons rather than just purely physical ones.

Is dating just about appearance?

What eczema warriors need to realize is that an enjoyable and fulfilling dating life is one that goes more than skin deep. It is an emotional, spiritual, and mental experience. It is not just physical. And more times than not, if you are able to connect with someone on a deep level that goes beyond appearance, both you and the person you’re dating will become a lot more invested in each other’s well-being. You'll be able to enjoy each other's company regardless of how sensitive your skin is because there's more value in your interactions that is seen, felt, and treasured.

What do we deserve?

The only time I’ve ever seen an eczema warrior get rejected for their skin was because they were dating someone who was vain and shallow. Or insecure about how they would look next to someone with rashes and very affected by their public image alone. These people do not have much depth or place more importance over the opinions of others rather than their own opinion and connection to someone regardless of how they look. It does not matter how good, intelligent, or talented a person you are, shallow people like this will not have the capacity to appreciate and value those qualities to their full extent. But, if you’re dating someone who will drop you so easily, I think it’s worth questioning if this is really the relationship that you want anyway? Is that really the dating experience that you deserve?

Why do we let our skin get in the way of love?

Because you have visible rashes and just because your health is compromised, it does not make you any less worthy of true, deep love, and sincere connection with others. I sincerely invite you to open your mind to that possibility because all things in life and love are possible with an open mind and an open heart.

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