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The Perils of Internet Dating With Eczema

"Don't let your mind bully your body." ~Astrid Alauda

There has never been an easier time to meet up with someone. The easy accessibility of dating apps has made it possible for millions of people worldwide to meet up with the possibility of finding their soulmate. However, I think it's harder to make a real connection because it is so easy to hook up with someone. Personally, I find dating apps dull and time-consuming. But as my friends and family say, it's the only way to get out there nowadays, so I try to keep an open mind.

I have anxiety when it comes to dating

Anyone that has ever had to deal with any skin complaint will know the anxiety when it comes to dating. We all want to give off a good first impression, and not looking our best can be extremely anxiety-inducing. So, this makes it triple hard for success. Even when your skin is in good condition, you cannot fully enjoy the moment because you know all too well that within a few hours, things can start to go downhill pretty fast. I mean, just think how stressful dating is if you're healthy and there is nothing wrong with you.

I found a dating app for music lovers

Every single relationship I have ever had, I have met my partner through friends or at family functions. That was until a few weeks ago! I stumbled across a music dating app. My interest was piqued from the off! I am a keen music maker and fan, and I thought the idea that there are others out there with the same nerdy interests was just amazing.

I met a woman online

Anyway, I met this woman online. A massive music fan, she was obsessed with seeing live music around the county and abroad — a good sign. We met and went to a gig in London and certainly clicked as friends. After a few more dates, the relationship progressed. This is when my eczema and other allergies start to get in the way.

My eczema gets in the way

I feel it is basically impossible for me to get close to someone. One example: I spent last eve at her place but at around 230 am, I woke up in a frantic, itching fit, profusely sweating, eyes streaming. I just needed to get back to my mancave. So, I wrote her a note explaining and slipped off into the night. I did not enjoy doing this, but there was no way I would let anyone see me in this state.

I feel exhausted

I know people can be understanding, but it's exhausting getting others to understand what it is like to live like this. People just have no idea. And I find the more I try to explain it, the further away I get from illustrating just how debilitating this condition is. It looks like the internet dating world is not for me. I don't want to lose this person as a friend, but I will understand if that happens. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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