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A girl dying her hair.

Dying Hair With Scalp Eczema

Hair is a topic that is widely talked about in the eczema community. We hear people talking about hair falling out, scalp eczema, and suggestions about how to treat hair issues.

From my experience, scalp eczema was not always a problem for me. It problem started developing over time and became an everyday problem.

Things that make me feel "normal"

Like many other eczema sufferers, we like to feel "normal" and do things that make us feel good about ourselves. For me, it has always been self-care which involves getting my hair done, painting my nails, pedicures, massages, and pampering my body. There is something about pampering yourself which makes us feel so good about our bodies. It also allows us to see ourselves as beautiful human beings and renewed. There's a moment when I forget about how my body is even when it goes through a flare and the skin is inflamed.

Damaging my hair because I had clear skin

I remember there was a time when I would damage my hair so much and take it for granted. I wasn't experiencing eczema of any kind in those years and was extremely lucky. During that time, I had forgotten what scalp eczema was and how bad my skin could become.

Getting my hair done by a professional

It wasn't until a few years back that my eczema came back all over my body and scalp as well. I tend to dye my hair from time to time. I do not do it myself because I am not very good at doing any beauty-related things - which is why I always go to a professional who knows what they are doing. I have been going to a beauty school that has lower prices than the normal hair salon for some time now. Also, I can get more detailed work done on my hair in this school.

Dying my hair leads to scalp eczema

I have not dyed my hair since last year. I tend to dye my hair less and less every time because my scalp eczema comes back a few days later. When I go to a salon, they end up using a lot of products, which aggravates my eczema. Since it only lasts a few weeks, I tend to take the risk which outweighs the benefits.

The last time I got my hair done

The last time I got my hair done, I got bad scalp eczema for a few weeks. What I believed happened was that the product that was used was too strong for my scalp to handle and inflamed my eczema. The dye also got on the right side of my face, which caused a flare there. My face was very itchy and became sensitive for a few weeks.

Avoiding irritating the flare

After my scalp got irritated, I did not put any products on it that would further aggravate it. I also tend to use dry shampoo and treatments on my scalp, which I didn't use that time - I just used my normal shampoo and conditioner. I will probably not dye my hair again anytime soon. I always like to think about what I want to do to my hair before getting it dyed since I don't have a normal scalp that the cosmetologist can play with to get the right color.

What is your experience in dying your hair? Any tips or tricks to avoid scalp irritations?

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