A woman looks down lovingly at a patch of eczema in the shape of a heart on her chest, warmly clutches it, and happy starbursts emanate from it.

Is Eczema Always A Bad Thing?

Because eczema is a memory and causes reminders in our daily lives to stay healthy, there is no way to keep eczema out of our minds even if it is just in our subconscious. Until there is a cure, eczema will always be a part of my life and sometimes that really sucks!

Eczema is all-consuming

Plain and simple. Look at the facts, eczema triggers are all around us, and the what, when, where, and how are all-encompassing. No matter how you twist the words or speak about it, physically, mentally, or emotionally it consumes every part of you. Even when you do not have a flare you are either using medication to control it or living a lifestyle to ensure that it remains a distant memory.

Understanding our bodies better

Now that the obvious frustration has spilled out like word vomit, I can continue to share why eczema reminders are ultimately for our betterment, rather than a downfall. Our skin is a filtering system and the largest organ to filter out negatives when our other organs are not doing the job properly. For the natural health community, eczema is a sign of a backed-up liver filtration. I can honestly say that I have an exceptional understanding of my body in comparison to those without skin disease.

Listening to what our bodies are telling us

In everything that we do it is very important to listen to our subconsciousness and body signals to make quality decisions in every area of our lives. Relationships, employment, location, everything can be affected by eczema. Eczema will trigger based on these aspects and sometimes we can start seeing those as positive signals in order to get rid of the negatives not only in our diet but in our entire lives.

Our health is a priority

Many people are unaware of their level of health until it is an emergency or something in the body triggers a problem. Eczema is a constant reminder of how valuable my body is and that it needs to be a top priority. By constantly prioritizing my health I have a better chance of making it for the long haul with less surprises along the way that are in my control.

I'm thankful for eczema

Eczema has taught me patience and the process of how our bodies are made to heal and adapt for survival. Our bodies love us that is why it tells us when it needs extra love. So really eczema could just mean, extra loving. Tell me how you’ve given your flares extra loving lately. You won’t regret it!

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