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Three drinking glasses featuring different fresh juices in each including lemon, apple, and blueberry.

3 Step Morning Eczema Detox Routine

I cherish my morning routine like I cherish being a plant-mom. I am committed to the repetitive cycle of watering my body with this very simple beginning to the start of my every morning. It has been two years since choosing to holistically maintain my eczema without medication.

Liver detoxing for eczema

Anthony Williams' Liver Rescue book gave me many tips for healing my eczema naturally with the proper foods and detoxing methods. According to him, to promote healing our bodies must become like a machine by constantly aiding towards detoxing and cleansing your liver. Our bodies do the most work for healing at night while we are sleeping and there are things that we can do to make sure we are releasing toxins through our liver and digestion instead of the skin.

What I do to detox my liver

Here are 3 very easy steps that I follow whether I am being very restrictive in my plant-based diet or not to ensure that I am properly eliminating build-up in my liver, so that the “waste” doesn’t detox on my skin.

Step 1: Juice of half a lemon with water

Beginning your day with water is the best thing we can do not just for the sake of a fresh glass of water to not be dehydrated, but the liquids cause a constant flow within our bodies to release toxins. Adding the juice of half a lemon with at least 8oz of water electrifies the water and multiplies the positive effect of water aiding towards digesting and eliminating the food that you ate the day before. Once that happens you are starting off the day with a new start for your body to properly breakdown even more heavy foods.

Citrus and itchiness

I used to be afraid of lemon water because the citrus used to make me itch. My body has gone through so many changes and so much pain with itch, I was willing to try anything at least 3 times and see if my body adjusts before I stop using something that I know is supposed to help me.  What I realized is if I leave the whole lemon peep in the water to sit and add even more acid to the water I would have a reaction. As long as I was only using half of the lemon juice and enough water I did not have any problems. 

Other added ingredients

In addition to lemon water, I put turmeric powder and ginger powder in my water. These two super herbs help with inflammation and so much more. If you can safely add turmeric and/or ginger to your daily routine your body will thank you.

Step 2: Fresh fruit juice

Cold-pressed fresh-squeezed juices are preferred. The easiest fruit juices that I’ve added are apples and oranges. It took me a while to find organic cold-pressed juices in stores that weren’t very expensive so for a very long time I juiced my own fruits at home. Making the night before is always helpful with time.

Step 3: Smoothies or fresh fruit

A smoothie is easily digestible just like the liquids that you have already taken in step 1 and 2, but there are even more health benefits. Each fruit that I add in my daily morning smoothie is high in antioxidants, promotes calmness in the body and more. Here are the 3 things I do not go without in my smoothie.

  • Wild blueberries (at least 1 cup)
  • Banana(s)
  • Dairy-free milk (my preference: oat milk or rice milk)

Added ingredients

Yes, it’s that simple and it tastes good. I will add other supplements or fruits to this smoothie, but they are not necessities especially if you are just starting your smoothie routine. I add maca powder, hemp seeds (hemp hearts), and often organic raw spinach or a green blend and wildcrafted raw sea moss. Of course, I advise you to do your own research if you bring any of these added suggestions into your smoothies!

Get moving!

That’s all to it! Your morning routine is easy and your body will thank you for it. I think it is a great place to start in your health journey and if you can go ahead and add in any form of movement, especially stretches in your morning then please do so. Movement every day for at least 20 minutes is also a key ‘ingredient” to overall health and aiding the calmness necessary to assist fewer flare-ups.

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