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Shopping For Clothes With Eczema

Shopping for clothes when you have eczema is kind of tricky because there are so many elements that could make a garment itchy. And it's really heartbreaking when the piece of clothing is super cute or has a print that you really like but is made of a material that makes you scratch.

Here are some things that I have figured out over the years for how to make shopping for clothes a much easier experience and how to troubleshoot situations where I really want to get a piece that I know is going to make me feel itchy if worn alone.

Fabrics to avoid

I avoid any clothing made with wool or acrylic as I find these materials very, very itchy. Merino wool is a little bit finer and softer, but I still find it to be slightly scratchy feeling from its fibers.

Fabrics to look for

The first thing I look for are clothes made with natural plant-based fabrics. Mainly, things made of cotton and hemp. You could even go for silk if you are not vegan like I am. These sort of fabrics are more breathable and well-ventilated.

Certain man-made materials with synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon, viscose, and nylon actually find to be ok on the skin. They're a bit more airtight and not as breathable, but they are also lighter and can be cooler on skin. Polyester can be okay depending on how thick the fabric is. It can really insulate you, so if you have open cracks, I probably would avoid polyester as it will trap heat and aggravate that kind of rash.

Wearing what you want

If you find a piece made with a material that makes you scratch you but you really love how it looks, you could wear undergarments made with materials that do not irritate you underneath and just wear the scratchy garment on top of that so long as it does not touch your skin. This is a crafty way to have your cake and eat it, too. I usually will have a cotton or rayon turtleneck or thermal long sleeve shirt and wear that underneath a polyester piece that might be really scratchy on my skin alone.


And finally, it can be helpful for you to search for seamless clothing as the seams of clothes can sometimes be quite thick and stick out on the inside which can rub on your skin as you're moving around in them. This is particularly helpful for underwear. For women's underwear, there's always that one seem right on top of the Venus mound that always makes me feel itchy when I'm walking around in it, so I have opted for seamless underwear and have been rash-free in my intimate area for about a year now.

Hope you found these tips useful! What do you do when your shopping for eczema-prone skin? Would love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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