Disappointments and Wasting Time

Recently I found a social media influencer who had the most amazing skin. It was so pretty and flawless and while I know I shouldn't compare myself, I really wanted my skin to look like her's. All of my life I've struggled with eczema and feeling accepted because of my condition. Her skin was so pretty and it seemed like people really loved her for it. I know beauty is more than just skin deep, but that's just it. I want people to want to go deeper than just my skin. I want people to want to get to know me.

Wasting money on skincare

This young woman posted a few videos on what she does and how she takes care of her skin. While it seemed like she did put in some effort, it really didn't seem like much. Growing up my family was constantly having me try a new medication - a different cream, a new ointment. I hated it. I didn't want to put in so much effort, but because my family was essentially the ones calling the shots, I had to. It sucks because looking back I do really feel like that effort was a waste. Let's be real. How many of us would get a refund on at least 80% of the creams we've tried if we could? I know I would! I would be first in line waiting.

Learning from disappointment

I know everything I've gone through with my condition plays a huge part in the person I am today. I realize I had to go through certain things to grow. I understand that disappointment is not always a bad thing. Disappointment taught me a lot. It taught me about realistic expectations. It taught me to be strong and not to allow something so petty as my skin to control my entire day or attitude. Disappointment taught me a lot about life and growing up. It helped me learn how to be mature and accept the things I cannot change.

What I can't do with eczema

I can't change what happened in the past. I can't get the time back I wasted on these medications and doctors visits. I also can't allow the frustration of it all to get to me. Neither can you. This is a very visible and very frustrating condition. People who minimize Atopic Dermatitis / Atopic Eczema don't fully understand the impact the condition has on a person - mentally and physically.

What I wish about eczema

I wish there was a cure that not only improved your health and the quality of your skin but also gave you back lost time and money you previously invested in having the illness. I wish none of my friends had to bear the burden of living with such an uncomfortable illness. I wish I could give them more time being called "beautiful," and less time being looked at funny and ridiculed. If I could do that for everyone, I would...without thinking twice.

If only...

Unfortunately, life does not work like this. The best we can do is accept our losses. Accept there are certain things we have to experience and remember to accept, appreciate and acknowledge the lessons along the way.

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