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My Faith is Healing Me

I truly believe I wouldn’t be healing from my eczema right now if it weren’t for my faith in God.

Although I grew up believing in God, I never really understood the power of faith and miracles. My desperation for healing was His way of showing me.

Leap of faith

My faith took a noticeable leap in 2014 when I was going through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). The side effects of TSW were simply too intense for my logical and rational mind to understand. When you’re in excruciating pain and discomfort 22 hours of the day, appear to look like a burned victim, and have lost all sense of self, it’s kind of challenging to see beyond the present moment. Most times, it was easier for me to dwell in my depression than to think someone I can’t even see or prove his existence was actually going to come down and save me.

However, there came a point where the only way I could actually remain sane was by praying to this greater force. And thank God I did! (Pun intended)

Finding my faith

To me, God is an energy, a mystical force, that cannot be seen by the human eye, but only felt through the human soul. He is neither man or woman and instead synonymous with love. And since love is the ultimate form of preventative medicine, it is what opens the door for healing to occur.

"A Return to Love"

I recently finished a book called “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson. What I find intriguing and affirming is that Marianne describes illness as a sign of separation from God (or love). And the only way to heal is to return back to Him (or back to love). Isn’t that beautiful?

Angry and frustrated by eczema

I grew up blaming my eczema for this sense of separation, for feeling like I was disconnected from the world. It wasn’t until I was 22 years old that I believed I was the only one on this Earth with eczema. Without even knowing, this lack of awareness only fed into how I felt about this disease – angry, depressed, isolated, and humiliated. These feelings weren't loving nor Godly in any way.

Shifting perspectives

So instead, I shifted my perspective from “fighting” or attacking my eczema to seeing it as an opportunity to return back to God/love. This created significant inner peace within me. I was no longer hating my eczema and self-destructing because of it. It was as if this shift opened up the gateways to finally receive healing.

I wish I could say that immediately after this awareness, I was magically cured of my eczema! But not quite…

Spiritual discipline

While I did experience inner peace with my eczema for the first time in my life, healing did not happen right away. I had to practice spiritual discipline. I began doing things that brought me happiness and filled me up with love despite how my eczema was behaving. I started to visualize what my life would look like once I began healing. I began dressing up more and going out even if I didn’t look the part. I began changing my words and thoughts so that they would speak more positively to who I am and what I was going through. And sure enough, little by little, healing began to occur.

Faith is my answer

I say all of this to note that my experience of eczema and my return back to love or God has allowed me to live a genuinely joyful and healthy life.

If it weren’t for my faith in God, and understanding that my eczema was a cry for love, then I don’t think I would be healing right now. Because of faith, I am currently (and have been for the past months) 95% free of eczema and medications. Because of faith, I have been able to comfortably wear short sleeve shirts and shorts. Because of faith, I can sit out in the sun, tan, play sports, go swimming and more. Because of faith, I have been able to experience a level of freedom, love, and joy I have never felt before. Because of faith, I have returned to loving who I am from the inside out.

Looking for faith?

And with faith, I believe you can experience the same. If you are looking to strengthen your faith in order to receive healing, here are a few tips that may support you:

Trust the Healer

You must first understand that you are made perfect, healthy, and whole. And that your illness or disease is your call to get back to this original state. In order to return back to love, you must trust that God or the Universe or whoever you believe in is there to support you.

Practice spiritual discipline

Commit to taking daily actions to support you in building up your faith. Every day, I do at least 3 healing mindset practices that make me feel at peace and in love: meditation, prayer, journaling, and listening to music are just to name a few.

Surround yourself with other faith-driven individuals

Having people in your circle who inspire, encourage and bring out the best in you will only build your strength of character and faith. Your support system is a reflection of who you are and vice versa. If you're upgrading your faith, be sure to upgrade your inner circle to match it.

Let go of the steering wheel

You must let go of control and allow God to do what He does best – love and heal. When I surrendered to God and gave up my will for his, healing began happening more rapidly and unexpectedly. God has your back. You can trust him. Let go and let Him.

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