A Life Without Love

For a long time, I looked at my skin as an enemy. I felt like it threatened my friendships and my overall wellbeing. It caused me a lot of pain mentally and physically. I've been through some of my most embarrassing moments because of a flare and honestly, it's pretty heartbreaking.

Don't judge a book by it's cover

It's saddening that we live in a world where people are so judgmental. It is sad people can't befriend someone without ensuring they pass a physical inspection first. It's sad we treat friendships like a gym membership that we feel the need to cancel when it no longer "suits our needs" or fits into our life plans.

All of this is sad, but there is nothing worse than a life lived without self-love.

Not my place to preach

I could preach to you all day about how important it is to take care of yourself. What it truly means to take time out for you and only you. I could tell you about how good and rejuvenated I feel when I incorporate a little self-lovin' into my morning (or daily) routine. I could tell you all about this, but I won't.

I won't tell you this because I know you've heard it all before. Franky, we all say it, but how many of us actually believe it or even practice what we preach?


Self-love is the most important, unconditional love you will ever know.

A life without love is a life spent wasted. You can invest all of your time with other people. You can pour out your cup until it's empty trying to fulfill the needs of others. The love of a spouse is beautiful and the love of a child is even more amazing and unexplainable. But, to love oneself means:

That's a love that will never leave nor forsake you.

Don't let eczema put you down

Having a condition that's so visible to the human eye can be your downfall. It can and will break you. It can make you feel less than and often leave you questioning things like why you can't look like the models on TV, or if you're even worthy of love at all. It can take away all of your confidence and self-esteem and leave you feeling empty inside...but only if you let it.

You have the power

Don't give anything your power. Not a person and certainly not a condition. You are worthy of love, so give it to yourself. Accept your flaws and embrace them. Your differences make you unique. Use that to make an impact on the world. Use your uniqueness to stand out in a crowd and stand up for others who may be living and dealing with the same struggles you once faced. Love has no limits. Choosing to love yourself is choosing to live. It's choosing to rise up.

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