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The Struggles That Come with Finding Products That Work

We all know that finding products that reduce the eczema itch and help to manage flares isn't an easy process. Sometimes, when you do happen to find one, it works one day and the next, you're back to square one. It's almost as though your atopic dermatitis decides that the product doesn't meet its standards. At, we know this feeling all too well, so we asked our advocates to share their experiences with finding products that are eczema friendly. Here's what they had to say:

A trial and error process

Jeff: Overall, it has been a trial and error experience. It's taken a long time for me to find a product I'm happy with -- which happens to be CeraVe.

I don't have too much trouble finding products that are eczema friendly. While shopping, I always look for items that have the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval on the product. If I'm ever in doubt, I'll ask the pharmacist or do a quick Google search to see if I can find any additional information.

Larissa: Finding eczema-friendly products is really trial and error. Even products labeled "gentle" or for "sensitive skin" can cause irritation. I've even found that my skin will tolerate some products well when it is strong, but will find the same product doesn't work during a flare. Once I find something that works, I tend to stick to it.

It's hard to find eczema-friendly products

Terry: Very, very difficult, but it can be done!

Noreen: Finding products that are eczema friendly has been tough, I find that I'm allergic to fragrances/botanicals, lanolin (wool), and most products make me itchier. However, I have found that coconut oil and vaseline are my favorites, mainly because they are so simple.

Abi: It’s been hard, especially since I like to try and find more natural products. But ever since I started using Earthley Wellness products it’s become way easier. Their soothing skin balm is a lifesaver. It reduces the redness of my eczema, keeps it from being horribly dry, helps with the itching, and it keeps the swelling down.

Liz: Usually not an issue except when looking for an SPF moisturizer foundation. Not an easy item to find for different skin tones.

It's expensive and takes time to find

Karen: Finding skin-friendly products is very frustrating and expensive. One of the frustrations is that many "natural" products still contain chemicals to keep it shelf-stable. With so many chemical compounds, a product can be used once, and if it breaks you out, it's at least a week or 20 days before you can find one to replace it. The cost is in skin flares, money, and time. The list includes everything from cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen, fragrance, and many other skincare products.

Sarah H: It takes research to find ones that work.

Do you relate to any of our advocates' experiences finding products that work with your eczema? Tell us in the comments below!

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