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When You Find A Magical Soap

Recently I went on a little shopping trip. No not for clothes or shoes, but for soap! I took a quick trip to Target and realized literally every soap was on sale, but the kind I use! I absolutely love Aveeno. I realize this brand doesn't work for everyone, but hey, what does? Aveeno has been so helpful during my worst flares. I use other soaps when I have to but by choice, I always grab Aveeno.

Is it a big deal?

Technically, yes. My skin is so sensitive that even changing soaps can trigger a flare or leave me irritated all night. I hate it. While I try to stick to what's familiar, I couldn't help it! I had to check out the sale items and see what exactly all the hype was about. I went down the aisle and for the most part, I didn't see anything that stood out. The products were okay and seemed like they may do the job for someone with "healthy skin," but for me, I knew it wouldn't work. I didn't waste my time. I headed straight back to Aveeno. I eyed the products for a while until I realized, the kind I use isn't even in stock! Sure I can go with another kind. I have before. Aveeno products are easy on my skin, but I really didn't want to spend that much money on a product that isn't even what I came for!

Spending time in the soap aisle

I slid back down to the sale section. Glanced quickly at the items when I noticed something that stood out. It was Dove. I realize Dove has released products before that claim they are for sensitive skin, but sometimes Dove's products just don't cut it for me. It can be a hit and miss. I don't really blame it on Dove though. My skin is tricky. It changes a lot and I know it's hard to find a product that can treat every type of skin in one. But this particular product looked promising. It didn't just say "sensitive skin." It was unscented, hypoallergenic and actually removed certain products/chemicals that aren't good for the skin. On top of that, I think it also had some kind of oil in it. This is a saving grace for me! My skin is so dry, it needs all the extra moisture it can get! Yes, please!

Feeling weary about trying something new

I wasn't 100% confident in this product, but with the price for that quantity, I was sold. I heard Target accepts returns on certain products if you try it and realize you don't like it. I'm not sure if that is true and lucky for me I didn't have to find out!

The soap was amazing! I told my sister it felt as if I'd bathed in clouds and baby dreams! I'd never tried a softer, more relaxing soap in my life. And trust me, living with this condition, I've tried many! I always worry about putting certain products on my face. This product was fine. It was like someone boxed up magic and sold it at a discounted rate just for me!

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