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Getting to Know You and Your Eczema Journey

Every person is different, and every person's eczema journey is different. We want to get to know you, how your eczema has impacted your life, and what your preferences are in how you care for your skin. So, to learn more about you and each other, let's play This or That?

This or That

What is better for your eczema?

Taking care of your skin takes a lot of time and effort, let alone skin that involves caring for eczema flares as they arise. Consistency may be key but sometimes eczema doesn't cooperate with that plan. Where you expend your energy can be reflective of your skin's response to products and the time you can give to your eczema. So, where is your time going?

This or That

What do you focus on more in your eczema care?

Pharmaceutical drugs and natural remedies are two very different treatment methods. Some people lean heavily in one direction or another, and others choose to use a combination of the two. Sometimes it might be your skin that decides, given it's intolerance to irritants and triggers. Which direction do you lean?

This or That

What do you rely more on to treat your eczema?

We all know eczema flares can be quite unpredictable, popping up any time or place. But what happens when a new symptom pops up? That is a surprise you really might not have seen coming. What source do you rely on to treat and learn more about your new symptom?

This or That

When you experience a new symptom, what do you do first?

We know triggers can be anywhere and everywhere, but when you're in the middle of a flare, do you find yourself gravitating towards a safe space? They say nature can be healing but so can some nice quiet time indoors. Where do you find yourself feeling most at peace?

This or That

When struggling with your eczema where do you spend more time?

Eczema can take quite an emotional toll - leaving us feeling isolated, ostracized, and lonely. Even though we may be surrounded by people - family, friends, or significant others - we can feel all of these things. Do you find yourself struggling more to get a potential/current partner to understand your battles with eczema or your family and friends?

This or That

Which relationships has your eczema affected more?

Everyone's experiences are different, but we can absolutely learn from one another. If you'd like to share your more specific experiences with eczema, please don't hesitate to share your story or ask or answer questions in our community. You are not alone in this journey; lean on the community, we understand and are here for you as you navigate this unpredictable and frustrating condition.

Thank you for playing This or That with us and teaching us more about our community's experiences!

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