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Looking After My Gut to Help My Eczema?

Apparently, maintaining a healthy and balanced gut is integral in keeping your overall health and well-being under check! Who knew? I know I may be late to the party here; however, recently, I have been on the hunt for some alternative treatments to help me get a grip on my eczema and am researching what I can try next.

Trillions of bacteria in the gut

Your gut is made up of trillions of organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and viruses that live in your digestive system. Taking probiotics every morning helps introduce live and active bacteria into your system, which aids in building a stronger immune system. I have just embarked upon a 12-week plan with Symprove (a water-based food supplement) to help me in my latest challenge.

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Not looking for a magical cure

Let me be clear. As I understand it, probiotics do not directly reduce your eczema symptoms. But they can aid in fighting off infections that form in your gut which may be an underlying cause of why our eczema is out of control.1 I'm not looking for a magical cure, although that would be amazing. I am looking to get back to a more manageable place, and where best to start than our immune systems?

Interestingly, according to The American Academy of Dermatology, they argue that there is very little evidence to support the efficacy of probiotics and do not recommend eczema patients trying them.2 However, desperate times call for desperate measures! Certainly where I'm concerned. I personally believe as long as it is safe and you have consulted your primary carer, then why not try and see if it helps?

Building immunity

It seems logical to me that all allergies stem from how strong or weak our immune systems are, which is why I am keeping an open mind. It may turn out that in 12 weeks, I am in the same place as I am today, but at least I will know. And if it helps, I will be raving about them in a future article. You can bet your bottom dollar on that!!

Years of steroid usage

When I look back on my history of medications, it has been mostly steroid treatments that have been prescribed for me. Constant usage of steroid ointments and inhalers can cause yeast infections which I have had in the past and may have now and not realize. I am forever getting eye infections and the like, so I feel that if I can strengthen my immunity, then it has to give me a fighting chance of gaining some control of my eczema.

Has anyone in the community taken probiotics and found them helpful? Perhaps I should have asked this question before signing up for a 12-week program. We are all different, and I realize that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another, but it would still be good to hear if anyone has had any positive experiences. Or negative.

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