Head to Toe Moisturizers for The Skin

Finding the right moisturizer for your skin is not easy. What absorbs on one person, may not work on others. We’ve all been through the trial and error of trying to find what works. One way to think about it is to know which part of your body needs moisture. That way, you can discover the protection you need to help your skin feel nourished and healed without being overly greasy and slick.

Head to Toe Moisturizers For The Skin


Although you might not think of your scalp as part of your skin moisture treatment, some of us develop eczema or white flakes at the root line of their hair. Sometimes a pine tar dandruff shampoo can be just the trick. Other times, it may require a gentle coconut oil massage.


This delicate skin has pores that can easily clog. It may create an environment where blemishes crop up. Try using a simple jojoba or Vitamin E blend. When there are no added perfumes, these simple oils can provide refreshing relief from dryness and itching.


This area in front is actually quite tough. I think of it like an elephant’s skin. It rarely gets blemishes. However, it is exposed to all of the outdoor elements year round. An application natural olive oil can help to create a silky texture.

Back and chest

This area is not as prone to dryness. Some people do experience rashes and bumps in underarm areas. Too much moisture seems to hold in heat and can make an area worse. Here is where we can go extremely light with the moisturizer. Then you can reapply in the dryest areas.


For most of us, our arms get a lot of sunlight and also wind. Both of these can create dryness, scaling, and even thick patches on the skin. It can be painful to have spots on your elbows or inner arm creases. It is also an uber easy place to scratch. Gently coat bicep area and forearm using a medium weight moisture. On those trouble spots, go a little thicker. If a heavy cream isn’t enough – we go for petroleum jelly. A gauze bandage can prevent the oil from penetrating clothing and help your body to heal.

Thighs and calves

Treat them just as you would your arms. Be sure and pay special attention to the knees and crease behind the knee.


Your feet have several different types of skin on it. On top is very fine and thin. This skin will do well with simple moisturizer. Your heels and the bottom of your feet are thicker skin. (think elephant!) They need special attention, especially if you have any type of diabetes. In order to prevent callouses or sores, be generous with a thick and rich lotion. Rub it into your toes also.

It may seem complicated to have different moisturizers for different areas of your body. It is important for your body to absorb the moisture, so a little extra work is worth it!

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