Hope is on the Horizon

In the UK the national vaccine program to deal with the pandemic has been rolled out at an unbelievable speed. As I sit here today, there have been more than fifteen million people that have had their jabs. As someone who can be critical of how our government has handled things during this pandemic, with this, they have been spot on. My parents have both had their jabs and I feel like I can attempt physical contact with them again. Nothing better than a loving hug during these times! I know they are still to have their second jab but I am confident in the science. The efficacy rate after the first jab is reported to be over 50% (after three weeks from both Pfizer and Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccines) is extremely encouraging.1,2 

Fluctuating emotions and eczema

Knowing my parents are that much closer to safety brings me immense relief and I am sure it may have had a positive effect on my well-being. Although weirdly, knowing that we will soon be out of this draconian lockdown is bringing on a bag full of mixed emotions. I need to prepare myself to face the world again. I know that sounds a tad melodramatic but I have nearly had the best part of the year off work. The thought of getting back out there and interacting with people is a little daunting. Especially considering that my eczema seems to have taken a turn for the worst over the last few months. Gauging my emotions right now is a little confusing. To tell you the truth, I am all over the place at the moment. I know once I do get back to work things will be fine. It's making that leap that can the hardest thing to do.

There is still hope

We as a species, need that interaction with each other. It is what makes us who we are. Our government is due to announce an exit plan in the coming week or so, I'm guessing things will slowly start to go back to normal around May. But, even if I am wrong and it is a bit later than that, there is hope on the horizon. I am pretty confident my eczema will improve when I go back to work too. Keeping busy and having a focus is half the battle. You can still do this in lockdown, I know but I have learned that it is not the same thing. Not for me anyway. I am dreaming of all the things that I will be able to do once I can get on top of this wretched condition.

The notion of jumping on the train and heading into London to check out my favorite record stores, book stores, cafés, restaurants, maybe playing at a live gig or watching something at the cinema is literally an exhilarating prospect. I always remind myself that however unfortunate we are to have our particular conditions, we only get one crack at this game. If we are lucky we get about eighty or ninety summers. We have to make the most of our time. It is precious. Embrace the chaos!

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