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How To Live In The Moment When Staying In

Many people ask me how I remain positive, even being homebound. If I really had to pinpoint the reason...I think it’s because I completely throw myself into situations. Maybe it’s because I started performing from a young age. Whenever I was in rehearsals or on stage, I would do my best to completely immerse myself in the story.

Reducing anxiety

That’s where I learned to live in the moment. For example, I notice that when I don’t have pre-scheduled plans, my body, skin, and mind have less time to freak out. So when a friend calls me up last minute and says they’re on their way to scoop me up and that my ass better be ready, I’m able to give an absolute answer right on the spot.

Living in the moment

So how about those days where your skin is absolutely terrible and you can’t leave the house? Well, guess what? You can still live in the moment! There is so much joy to be found in solitude, and if you don’t feel like being alone, giving friends a call is a feasible option too! Just don’t take these moments for granted either, or else one day you’ll feel like you’re just wasting away.

Ideas on how to live in the moment while staying in:

Stream movies and shows

Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/Plex and chill. First of all, pick a really great genre that you are totally feeling at the moment. Then pick something that has great reviews. Give yourself a chance to be completely immersed in the story. Do this by turning off all notifications on whatever device you are using to watch the movie, turning off notifications on your phone and putting it away, and making sure anyone else in your home doesn’t disturb you.

Cook or bake something

Cook or bake something delicious alone or with friends! Bust out that recipe you’ve been eyeing for months now, and conquer that recipe! When shopping for the ingredients, make sure to pick the best kinds for your budget. When beginning the prepping process, start by putting on some ambient music to set the mood, then wash/chop/measure out your ingredients accordingly. Take in how the vegetables feel in your hands when you’re rinsing them, allow yourself to get lost in the delicious aromas as you slice into your various fruits and veggies. Listen to the crisp crunching sounds each piece of produce makes as you chop them into pieces.

Dance and listen to music

Dance like no one is watching. Because guess what, they’re not! Dancing is such a great stress-reliever, so allow yourself to just let go, and blast your favorite music!

Bathe intentionally

Give yourself the time and atmosphere that you deserve when it comes to a luxurious bath. Listen to the water as it fills the tub, feel the water at its perfect temperature, and inhale the scents of whatever you’ve felt like mixing into your bath water that night. Play that music that relaxes you, have your book ready at hand, lock that door, and once again turn off all notifications on your devices.

Sleep intentionally

Give your body it’s best chance to achieve quality sleep. Crawl under freshly tumbled sheets right out from the dryer. Put your phone away rather than scrolling through it until you pass out. Lay down and release tension from every part of your body, starting from your head down to your toes. Now do some deep breathing. Use essential oils like lavender if that’s your thing. Quiet your mind. Drift into sleep.

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