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How I’m Using Essential Oils with Atopic Dermatitis

I’ve finally decided to share how I use essential oils with atopic dermatitis. Last year, I began to have a lot of scaling on my face near my hairline. Previously, I had not had as many skin issues as my family members, and then it hit. I’ve had a lot of trial and error with oils and want to share what I’ve learned.

Let me start by saying that my sis-in-law took a class on how to use oils, and she helped guide some of my decisions. My research was useful too. My main questions were about the quality, cost, and which ones to use.

Considering quality and cost

One of the first things I encountered was the cost of purchasing the oils. I didn’t want to use anything that contained chemical fragrance. I avoided perfumes in creams because of the red, splotchy peeling places around my forehead. It was an emotional decision. All of my former creams made my skin sting. Putting on makeup had become such a huge chore. There were thick white spots on my eyebrows. Nothing about my facial skin made sense, but I was willing to invest in the right products.

I picked up most of mine at the local health food store. I started with a few basics like almond oil, frankincense, and tea tree oil. Prowling the store weekly while watching for sales helped me nab some good deals. I also ordered one bottle through a friend who sells a high-end brand. I felt like these were all pure. Now I was ready to experiment with my skin.

My step by step process

  1. Step 1 was pure almond on my forehead and around my hairline at night. I felt like that was a safe step. Honestly, it took me over a month to start the next step because I was so nervous.
  2. Step 2, I mixed almond oil half and half with frankincense. Initially, I put it in a contact lens case and mixed up a small batch to test. There was no irritation, and my skin loved it!

Within a few weeks, that bottle of frankincense was half used, so I filled it up to the top with my almond oil. Now I had my first dark-colored (brown) bottle for storage and mixing. The little bottle makes it easier to travel with my homemade recipe. I was thrilled that my eyebrows cleared up within a few weeks too.

A side tip: I started wearing bands to cover the problem areas. Every morning I leaned over into the bathroom sink and washed my bangs to help with greasy hair from my nighttime essential oil routine.

Always talk to your doctor

I kept my annual dermatologist appointment in January. She was pretty impressed but still said it was a case of plaque psoriasis and rosacea with atopic dermatitis scaling too. I’m not using any prescription creams right now.

If you’re thinking about using essential oils with atopic dermatitis, especially on your face, I hope these tips have helped you. I’ve mixed up other blends for different needs and look forward to sharing those soon.

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