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A Writer With an Itchless Idea

I forgot exactly where I was scrolling on Instagram, but the text image said something along the lines of:

A writer is a person who uses written words in different styles and techniques to communicate ideas.

What would life be like without eczema?

If I am to proclaim myself a writer, here’s an idea: What happens if you never have to itch again? Yes, you heard me right - read that again. Have you ever thought of this? Not in the “Oh haha, well, of course, that would be awesome! But you know, we live in the real world!” kind of way, but in the very real sense. In the way that you’ve contemplated this question and really thought through what your life would be like if you no longer itched. How much time would you save? What new hobby would you start? What trip would you now take? What life would you be living? Do you feel that, in some way, these questions are freeing you from your itchy reality?

Allowing our minds to wander

Some may think that imagining the unimaginable is bad form. Maybe we should manage our expectations. But I think, while our bodies are physically limited, we should allow our minds to wander and hope against hope! Why not? Sometimes, what seems to be the impossible end up becoming our reality. And what is so wrong in wishing for an itchless reality? Many people on this earth have healthy skin that doesn’t itch! Why can we not be one of them?

Is our itchiness reliant on our thoughts?

What happens if the severity of your itchiness is partially reliant on your thoughts? What happens if your itchiness lessens because you believe it will, and therefore you manifest that into your physical being? What happens if lowering the intensity of your itches is like working a muscle? If you don’t use it, you lose it. So if you are not constantly reaffirming and telling yourself that your itch will not conquer you - your itch will remain the same. Maybe if you practice affirmations and breathing techniques and really come to terms with who you are and where you are in life, you’ll have some sort of control over your itch. It’s kind of like making space for that reality to come to fruition. If you aim for the moon, at least you’ll land amongst the stars, right? But if you don’t aim for the moon or anywhere aimed in an upwards trajectory, you won’t even leave this earth, and there is an entire space up there to explore still. You will never get to explore that less-itchy space unless you truly believe that it exists in the first place.

Create some space in your mind

So just as you’ve created a comfortable cooking space in your kitchen and a zen reading nook in your living room, I challenge you to create this itchless space in your mind, just as you would as if it were a physical space in your home. This is where you store all your calming breathing techniques alongside the highlight reel of your itchless moments. Access this space regularly, expand it as you see fit, and see how it helps manage that itch!

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