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a cell is shown with a giant ear that is listening in on the rest of the body.

Your Cells Are Listening

Did you know that we have approximately 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day and of those, 80% are negative and, 95% are repetitive? As human beings, clearly we are wired more for negativity. And if you didn't know, what we focus on grows!

Putting effort into "fixing" eczema

Struggling with atopic dermatitis, it can be challenging to change our focus from the frustration and pain of our experience or to try to unravel where the triggers are coming from. It can be maddening to chase those triggers, leaving us defeated and vulnerable to our thoughts and emotions.

The more we "try" to fix the problem or the flare, the more we put our energy into the problem. When we "try" to heal, we amplify the problem as we go, so it gets bigger, more complex and times more painful.

While this might sound counterintuitive (because we so badly want to break free), in order to open up more fully and feel more peaceful as we navigate AD, we might consider letting go of "trying" to get there.

Our thoughts impact our physical health

It has been scientifically demonstrated that our consciousness has a direct physical impact on our bodies. This means that our thoughts can completely influence all of the chemical reactions in our body that take place. These reactions can either have positive or negative effects. Our thoughts affect every cell in our body and also have an effect on how we feel. Our entire internal state actually begins with our thoughts. So when we put our energy and attention on the frustration, what's not working, or fear that it will get worse, guess what happens in our body? Our cells are listening! There are all kinds of chemicals generating signals and pathways solidifying the pain patterns because the attention of our thoughts is on the negative.

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A fight-or-flight response

Any thoughts that cause anxiety, fear, anger, or even frustration or irritability, generate negative chemicals and these stressful thoughts fire the fight-or-flight response in the body. Cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine kick in the inflammatory process and have an effect on our cells. Problems occur when these hormones and stress chemicals remain for extended periods of time. Over time, these effects are harmful and cause cellular damage.

The power of positive thinking

So how can we shift? When we have positive thoughts, ones that are in alignment with our natural vitality, we have the ability to generate positive chemistry in our body that nurtures us. The happy endorphins that make us feel good can actually help reverse inflammation and strengthen our immunity. In other words, life-giving, positive thoughts protect and strengthen us at the level of our cells and our DNA!

Being present in our thoughts

Our mind and our body are so entwined, they cannot be separated. As soon as we have a thought, the message is instantaneously transmitted throughout every cell in our body. There isn't a single cell that doesn't register the impact of thought and, most of our thoughts are unconscious! What we can do to be more present with our thoughts is to become aware of what is happening at any moment, through our emotions. Witnessing our emotions are the foundation to our awareness.

Emotional awareness

Our emotional state reflects the total of all the thoughts we are having at any given time. We can become aware of our emotions by connecting with how we feel. This takes practice and presence with ourselves. Our emotions give us direct insight into whether our thinking is producing a positive or negative response inside. Lower emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear will generate a negative response (creating cellular breakdown), and more uplifting, higher emotions such as joy, love, appreciation, and gratitude will generate a positive response (enhancing cellular healing). Through accessing our emotions, we can become aware of the impact of the thoughts and beliefs we are holding on to, and the choices we might be considering.

Shifting perspectives

Therefore, the awareness of our emotional state can offer us the choice to shift our thinking. Becoming aware of our emotional state will support our decisions and choices and see what life is reflecting back to us. This awareness of our internal state also gives us pause, choosing to either react or shift our state in the moment.

So, if we want a change in our lives and our condition, we can choose to change our thoughts. I know this isn't always easy, though, from someone who has suffered extreme severe eczema, I know it's possible. When we change our minds, we change our health, and we change our experiences as we live with AD.

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