Job Hunting in the COVID Era

Job hunting during this COVID era has been different for me. As I look for a job, I am looking for things I wouldn't have to think about if COVID wasn't around. COVID has impacted the way that we work and how we work.

New working considerations

Prior to COVID, I wouldn't have thought about looking for employment where people are fully vaccinated, nor would I have looked for the sanitation policies places have in place to keep their employees safe. I would have just looked for something of my liking without having to think about the safety protocols.

Working from home/in office

Currently, I am working on getting a Master's in social work starting my second year this past week. For the first year of 2020, I was fortunate enough to work for a nonprofit organization, which was partially from home and the office a few times a week. At the office I would work at, no one was ever around except on Wednesday when food was distributed.

The benefits of working from home

Most of the time, I would not have to wear a mask and constantly spray hand sanitizer on myself since I would be at home. I know the way hand sanitizer would affect my skin, and it took time to find a specific one that helped me. Another positive thing was I was able to be mask-free from home.

Facial eczema and face masks

As a facial eczema sufferer, I know my face appreciated this a lot. I would flare less when I would have a mask off. For the past few months, I have been doing my unpaid summer internship for the county in my area. I was able to do it from home, except for the days I would see my clients. It allowed me to be stress-free of having to wear a mask all day.

Nutritious meals and self care

I liked working from home because I would have time to have a good nutritious meal. I was given the advantage of finishing up all my work earlier, and I then had the time to take care of myself through journaling. There are many perks from working from home, like not dealing with traffic when you clock out.

I was also able to take a quick walk near my neighborhood and get some fresh air. The impact working from home had on my mental health was extremely positive. It allowed me to forget about workplace drama and rules.

On the hunt for a new job

Right now, I am looking for a job since my summer internship is ending. For my skin and mental health, I will be looking for jobs where I can work from home. It allows me to have more freedom and be able to treat my skin throughout the day. I can wear short sleeve shirts and lather with Aquaphor without being judged by others and looking about my skin looking flared up.

I will look for a workplace that will accommodate my skin condition and needs to work better.

If you can work from home, has this helped your mental health and skin?

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