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Helpful Tips When Trying New Products

It is extremely tough to find new products for eczema. Also, there comes a lot of fear when trying new products. I have gone to the store on several occasions, hoping I would one day find this magical potion that would clear away all my eczema. Yet, I still haven't found that potion and continue to look for products that will help my skin.

It's all about trial and error

I have always been open to the idea of trying new products. These products can be something I heard from a friend, saw on the television, or just by doing some research. There is always a risk when trying on a new product. Either you can love the feeling of a new lotion and feel good on your skin, or there is the opposite when your skin becomes red, itchy, and inflamed because it does not like the new product.

On the hunt for skincare products

When I go shopping for skincare products, I tend to take my time looking over every little detail. I look at brands that tend to be vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free. I tend to look for products that are more natural and homeopathic.

Here are a few tips I tend to follow when trying a new product:

Google search

I tend to do some Google searches before going to the store. When I Google a certain product, I look for the reviews and what others have experienced when using the product. I tend to look at both good and bad reviews. Sometimes on the website, you only see positive reviews, but you have to dig deep for the negative ones as well.

Check for ingredients I don’t know

The first thing I ask myself is: Do I know what some of these ingredients are? I tend to look for the top 3-5 ingredients because that is where I'll find what the product is mainly made of.

Ask other eczema community members

I like to ask other eczema community members about their experience with that product. I know everyone's skin reacts differently, but I would like to know what other eczema members experience. What worked for them and how my skin might react to such a product.

Try a little bit on your skin only

It is also important to first try a little bit on your skin. It will allow you to see if you are allergic to that product. Rather than just lathering up your whole body and then finding out that you are allergic. Also, I always take some sort of allergy pill if I see my skin is reacting.

Ask your dermatologist or doctor for their opinion

When in doubt, always ask your doctor or dermatologist about their opinion on XYZ products. It will allow you to be more certain of the product since they are professionals who know what products will work best for you.

Lastly, congratulate yourself on TRYING

When it comes to eczema, it can be so unpredictable how your skin is going to react. You have to remember to congratulate yourself for even trying a new product. It takes courage to try new things.

What steps do you follow?

When looking for new products, what is your way of finding out you have the right product? Do you follow certain steps when looking for new products?

Happy healing warriors!

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