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Multiple ways to cool down during summer heat including fanning, cold drinks.

Keeping Cool During the Summer

My eczema is generally better in the summer than in the colder seasons. However, I cannot afford to lose focus for even one second. If I do, things can go downhill pretty quickly. My skin is doing okay at the moment, and the brilliant NHS is looking after me. The warmer weather that's coming in means we eczema warriors need to brace ourselves. A major change in the climate can have nasty effects on us. Today in London, the temperature has reached 29*C and is forecasted to reach 32*C tomorrow.

So what have I done?

Thinking ahead, I have already put steps in place to keep my good health going. Our skin can be so sensitive to our surroundings. We must take steps to ensure we do everything in our power to recognize the warning signs.

Keeping cool at night with a fan

I have dug out an old free-standing fan from my closet and have that on during the night. Apart from actually cooling the place a little, it also helps me drift off to sleep. Its nice gentle hum somehow makes me sleepy. And as we all know, sleep is so important for anyone, especially those of us often deprived of it. If I am sleeping, there's a high chance I won't be scratching. If I am not scratching, then my skin is allowed to heal more effectively.

Keeping the light out

Making sure no light gets into my apartment all day by keeping the shutters closed is a must! It ensures my apartment stays nice and cool. I have wood flooring throughout my apartment, and it is amazing to walk on a nice cold floor after coming in from the baking heat.

Keeping moisturizers in the fridge

I put all my moisturizers in the fridge so that it is lovely and cooling when I cream up before and after showers. I also try and keep my showers cool but, to be honest, I could have them cooler. I'm a sucker for a nice warm shower. Turning the temperature down a bit may help cool you off a bit quicker.

Keeping my body well hydrated

In this heat, obviously, our bodies sweat a lot more. Therefore we need to replenish our bodies with water. I make sure I have a pack of bottled water in the fridge, and I take one to bed at night in case I wake feeling thirsty. Another tip people may find helpful is to eat cooling foods, i.e., salads and fruit. Avoiding huge heavy meals like curry, roast dinners, or anything hot and stodgy helps me feel cooler and a tad lighter on my feet.

Wearing fewer layers

Wearing fewer layers, in general, is a good thing for my skin. Cotton t-shirts and shorts help the air get to my skin and prevent my skin from sweating too much. During the night, I just wear boxer shorts. Of course, the heat can be extremely uncomfortable for some, but for me, it beats the icy winters any day!

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