Stepping Out of My Eczema Comfort Zone

There’s a message I came across online that says, “Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You.” The words were in red fluorescent lights and viewing it caught me in the middle of my oversaturated scrolling timeline. Very plainly stated but very deeply cut if you are someone that has not taken a major chance in awhile.

Comforting eczema routines

Recognizing the gradual decline of not being challenged in life, particularly in the direction that you wish for it to go is quite an undertaking to confront. I’ve faced it in both very self-defeating ways and very empowering undertakings. The purpose of this article is for the “death” from comfort zones not to creep up and hit all at once when it comes to eczema.

It is very easy to maintain the same routine for eczema that has always worked and has been simply good enough. I did that for 26 years of my life until I was completely thrown off guard of my usual routines no longer working for me. In fact, I had to unlearn everything that I already knew about my personal eczema and what helps and does not help in order to learn what my body was teaching me at the time in order to heal. I actually had to develop routines that were the exact opposite of what my normal or “comfort zone” was for eczema.

When go-to treatments stop working

Of course, my case was extreme and my prescribed steroid ointments no longer worked for me, it still taught me a lesson to do my utmost to never be blindsided again within my control. Since I always had steroid creams or specific home remedies and natural products that worked for me throughout my life, it never crossed my mind that these things would one day not work for me and be my solution to return to normalcy.

Relying only on myself

I did not know what I did not know. That is a common saying that fits perfectly in this scenario. It took me being at my lowest to realize that I needed to get out of something that I thought was the best way of life for me. Little did I know that it would take me no longer being dependent on the comfort of always having a tube of cream for my flare-ups at any given moment, for me to start being able to release my inabilities to be dependent on anyone else in my life. No longer using steroid creams took me on the worst journey of my life physically, but it freed me mentally and emotionally in ways that I would have never accomplished in my life while still relying on anything other than myself.

Why would I leave my comfort zone?

Not to impose FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on anyone, but, what are you missing out on? I do not recommend or give medical advice at all! That is never my intent. But are there any minor changes that you may be able to make to allow you to have less dependency or complacency on a pattern of an eczema comfort zone? I know you have to be saying why would I ever allow myself eczema discomfort for the purpose of finding something that I don’t even know what I’m looking to accomplish?! I understand the saying, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” but in reality, we are already broken in a sense.

Eventually, that flare will pop back up or simply remain complacent. Sometimes we can afford a little discomfort to have better future outcomes. Of course, what I’m giving as a highlight is a serious undertaking and deserves communication with your doctor along with extensive research, but so do all of the big rewards in life! Let me know in the comments how you get out of your eczema comfort zone, even if it’s just staying up on the latest research or being involved in the community.

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