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Our Step-by-Step Skincare Routines!

So we've loaded up on eczema-friendly products. Now what? We asked our advocates to walk us through their skincare routines step-by-step. Here's what they had to say:

Jeff's skincare routine

Now that my skin is (mostly) clear from Dupixent, my morning/night skincare routine is rather minimal.

I typically take a shower in the morning and wash my face with a facial cleanser. After I hop out, I pat myself try with a towel and apply my CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. If I have any inflamed spots on my skin I make sure to apply my Triamcinalone first. The same process can be applied to the evening. Back when my skin was really bad I’d apply EpiCeram and Triamcinolone (along with an assortment of “as needed” medications) before I applied my moisturizer.

Noreen's skincare routine

In the morning, I usually wake up with a lot of dryness. I wash my face with warm water, then I apply coconut oil. That's it! At night, I do the same routine. I apply coconut oil 2-3 times in the day.

Sarah's skincare routine

I try to touch my skin as little as possible. So, if I shower in the morning, that's when I put on my body lotion. If I shower at night, I do it then, instead, since it typically absorbs better after the skin has been wet. If I'm leaving the house, however, I'll put on a facial sunscreen. If I'm not, I'll usually leave my face completely alone -- not even washing it. At night, I'll cleanse my face with my micellar cleanser, smoothe on MyChelle Remarkable Retinal Serum, and then follow it up with an overnight cream from Origins. I also generally go ahead and put some more body cream on my hands. For me, less is always more. My skin really prefers to be left alone.

Jill's skincare routine

I'm Jill's grandmother and this was what she said her routine looked like: In the morning, she washes her face with Neutrogena Wipes or Cetaphil and applies a generous amount of Moisture Bomb by Belif. On most days, she will fill in her eyebrows and walk out the door. If she has to go to work, or out with friends later in the day, she will apply makeup. That starts with Moisture primer, foundation, and then the glamour or color products like lipstick and mascara. If it's a makeup-free day, she uses Burts Bees lip balm or Eco Lip Balm. At the end of the day, she uses her Neutrogena to remove mascara using one side of the wipe and removes foundation and color with the other side. Even if it were a no-makeup day, she does a daily facial wash before bed and always applies her Moisture Bomb by Belif.

Larissa's skincare routine

In the morning I evaluate my skin in the mirror. I will rinse with water (sometimes a washcloth if needed) and my cleanser. I pat dry and apply a facial oil and moisturizer/balm. I let this absorb for 10-20 minutes. If going outside, this is where I apply a sunscreen. If I am putting on makeup this is where I'd apply and follow up with additional oil/facial spray if needed. I will also put a moisturizer on my body as needed before dressing.

In the evening, I wash my face/remove makeup with water and my facial cleanser. On certain nights I will apply a face mask. From here, I use facial oil and moisturizer to lock it all in.

Terry's skincare routine

I only have a morning routine because it lasts all day and night:

  1. Spray Royal Sense Rose Water all over face and neck
  2. Apply The Herb Farm NZ Rose Face Cream on face and eyes (just a rice kernal amount on eyes)
  3. Apply an herbal balm/oil on top of face and eyes (Province Apothecary Hydrating Rescue Balm is a good example of a good one)
  4. Apply Eucalyptus Body Cream to neck and body
  5. Apply herbal balm to neck
  6. Apply coconut oil to body

Ashley's skincare routine

In the morning, I like to wake up, wash my face with just cool water, and apply moisturizer immediately with Dove Derma Series face cream. This helps me feel moisturized and refreshed right in the morning.

At night time, during my shower routine, I will use Dove Derma Series Body Wash. If I still have makeup on, I will use Vaseline or coconut oil to remove the makeup and then use Dove Derma Series Face Wash right after. When I am done showering, I will pat myself dry lightly and within 3 minutes (usually within the 1st minute), I moisturize using Dove Derma Series body lotion and face cream OR Molecule32. Just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

Abi's skincare routine

In the morning I leave Earthley’s Black Drawing Salve on my face for about an hour, I then wash it off and follow it up by washing it with Earthley’s Charcoal Soap.

At night, once again wash my face with the Charcoal Soap but this time I follow it up with their Clear Skin Essential Oil and Deep Healing Skin Serum.

Summer skincare

Jeff: Honestly, the only major difference is that I find myself taking more showers because I sweat a lot when it's hot out.

Liz: Sunscreen every morning. Preventive clothing and gear

Terry: It's pretty much the same, but I will use a facial oil like sunflower oil or something based in a liquid oil instead of an herbal balm for the steps where I apply herbal balm after my moisturizers. I tend to sweat more during the summer, so keeping things lighter and less humid/moist is helpful for that time of the year.

Winter skincare

Liz: Sunscreen every morning. Preventive clothing and gear

Sarah H: Winter means increasing hydration, so I'll increase how much body cream I use. I'll go ahead and put in on morning and night, regardless of when I shower. I'll also usually carry a hand cream with me since my hands get very dry during the winter.

Larissa: My skincare routine in the winter is not much different from my normal routine. The key difference is that I will need to reapply moisturizer to my face throughout the day. The cold, dry winter air drys me out. I will also use face masks more regularly and add steaming to the regimen.

Establish a routine

Karen: When Jill was younger, dryness was more of a problem in the winter. She has a good routine now and seems to have actually outgrown some of the more severe effects of eczema. We're not so sure that she has actually outgrown it, or if her consistency with diet and skincare has caused it to calm down. She lives with her parents of course, but her skincare is her own responsibility and she takes it seriously. It's almost automatic the way she moves through her morning now. That's a relief for all of us.

Do your research on products

Larissa: Having a routine can definitely help regulate your skin. It is important to maintain cleanliness and hydration in order to keep your skin (and body) as healthy and strong as possible. Going through TSW I've learned so much about the products I put on my skin. It has put a magnifying glass on the types of things I choose to put on my body. Many people don't realize that your skin absorbs more than 60% of what you put on it. So many products contain unnecessary chemicals that your body does not need. Since switching to natural and organic skincare products, I've noticed major improvements in my overall health. My skin is clearer and stronger than it has been in years. The flares I was having on most of my body have subsided and I'm only really dealing with eczema in a few areas (which are continuing to shrink). The natural products do not hurt, itch or sting, which makes treating problem skin so much easier. I strongly urge you to examine the products you are purchasing and really take a second look when it comes to what you are putting on your skin.

Give your skin a break once in a while

Terry: Consistency is key to rebuilding your skin barrier. But, if you're feeling itchy or uncomfortable, sometimes there will be days where it will be best to not apply anything at all to give the skin a break and space to breathe.

Apply regularly

Ashley: My regular routine always consists of applying skin and lip moisturizers throughout the day – morning, day, and night.

Tip: Most of the time, before I re-apply any type of lotion, I always water my skin with cool water. This is just so that I can re-hydrate the surface of my skin and have the moisturizer work more effectively.

Find motivation in clearer skin

Abi: It’s rough sticking to my routine but once I see how beautiful my face looks after keeping to it, it gives me the motivation to continue it.

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