3 Summer Eczema Tips.

3 Summer Eczema Tips

It's the Summer! Yay right?! I absolutely love the Summer. It honestly is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the heat. I love going swimming. I love going outside. I love it all or most of it at least. I live in North Carolina and here it is hot, HOT HOT! The temperatures vary but lately, it's been between 98-100 degrees! Hot!

Because of this, my skin is really feeling the heat. My skin has been insane over the last few weeks and I'm absolutely sure it's because of this summer heat. The odd thing is, it hasn't actually bothered me too much. Sure, it looks bad, but it actually feels just fine. In fact, most days I don't even really notice it. While it is kind of awkward when I look down while driving or brushing my teeth and see such cracked and dry skin, I can't say it's the worst I've been. Not by a long shot.

So if you're like me and your skin is looking a little less than perfect, but feeling just fine, here are 3 summer tips for you!

Ask a professional

I'm sure you're tired of hearing that. Aren't we all. It can be frustrating reading a post for advice only to come to someone saying to get advice elsewhere! I know! Don't hate me! The only reason why I'm putting this first is because I am not a medical professional and the only person you should take that kind of advice from is a professional. What works for my skin may not work for yours and vise-versa. In addition to this, your skin may look a certain way because of internal problems. For example, I personally live with an autoimmune disease. My immune system is constantly attacking my body, this can very easily cause issues with my outward appearance. My skin may look funny because my immune system is overactive again. Maybe you're living with the same kind of issues! Who knows!? Have to consult a professional for that one!

Consider changing soaps

A big thing for me is SOAP. It's a major topic in my household. My skin is so sensitive and soaps like Dial literally will tear my skin apart. It doesn't always hurt, but it can change the look and feel of my skin. If you're like me consider changing your soap. Maybe you need something softer. If you're feeling really adventurous you may even consider baby soap. I tried this after reading an article online that talked about how sensitive baby skin is. If it's soft enough for a baby, it's usually soft enough for me!

What about your clothes?

Don't forget about things that are constantly touching your skin like your clothes. Have you recently changed detergent? Maybe there's bleach on one of your products? Things like random chemicals, honestly even random moisture can change the look of my skin without necessarily affecting how I feel. This is something to consider if your skin starts looking a little funky too.

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