A collage of diverse faces showing a range of skin tones and minimal makeup.

Minimal Makeup

After going through something like topical steroid withdrawal, you end up appreciating the natural, unaided beauty of your skin. Especially if like me, you also decided to go down the moisture withdrawal route. For so much of my life, I experienced that weird wetness right under the skin on my face, the kind where if I stuck a sheet of toilet paper or paper towel, it would stick. It’s one of the most uncomfortable/painful sensations! So you can imagine that putting anything on my skin was a very unattractive ordeal.

Not a "blank canvas" face

The skin on my face is currently the best it has ever been (no more weird wetness!) so why should I cover it up? I know my skin isn’t flawless so I don’t have the “blank canvas” look, but you know what? I’m not a blank canvas and neither are you. We have been through so much and if you can read that story on my face, then so be it. It’s a beautiful read.

Minimal makeup to enhance my features

That being said, I sometimes have the desire to enhance a few features on my face. Here is what I have used and plan on using when the desire or event arises. I won’t be mentioning any brand names, because all of our skin is just so different! So just find what works for you.

Filling in eyebrows

The first thing I like to focus on is something so many TSW warriors cannot wait to get back: eyebrows. Whether they thin out on their own or we scratch them off, we can’t wait 'til those little hairs grow back. As an Asian-American woman dealing with TSW on and off my entire life, I’ve always had sparse eyebrows. So? I perfected my eyebrow game! I recommend eyebrow powder, an angled brush, and a waterproof self-sharpening eyebrow pencil. Depending on the desired look and how much time you have, you can use a combination of the liner and powder, or just one or the other.

Eyeliner and mascara

Your eyes are up next. All this calls for is a waterproof, self-sharpening eyeliner pencil. Most of these pencils have a smudger at the other end of the pencil. Use that to smudge that liner. If not, use your finger! 95% of the time, I only line my upper lid, as I feel that that’s really all I need, and in my opinion, gives a classier look. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the lower lash line smudging.

Lip balm

The last step is essential for so many...lip balm. I still practice moisture withdrawal but have found that my lips just cannot cope without some help due to the water from brushing my teeth. Though I use lip balm, I don’t schmear it on as I see so many people do. I just dab a very thin layer on, squeeze the tops of my lips together and I’m good to go.

What are your essentials for a normal day? And by normal day, I mean a day where you actually get to leave the house! #thankscovid

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