A man with eczema cringes while carrying a large box and being surrounded by clouds of dust

How to Manage Eczema During the Moving Process

Taking care of eczema can be a challenge, but once the moving process is introduced into the mix, it quickly becomes even more difficult to manage. Recently, my girlfriend and I completed a move to our new home. It was a fun and exciting time, but it presented some challenges that I did not anticipate (I’m still not quite sure how I missed them…).

You will encounter…

I’ll run over some of the obstacles I encountered and offer up some advice to those that are about to begin the journey.


Without a doubt in my mind, you will expose yourself to allergens during the moving process. Personally, I have a very bad dust allergy. Sifting through all the items that accumulated in my basement did not help this problem one bit. Outdoor allergens may come into the picture depending on the time of year that you’re moving. If you’re moving into a house or apartment, there may even be lingering pet hair or dander that you may have to deal with.

Skin irritants

It is almost impossible to avoid breaking a sweat while moving-- unless someone is doing it for you. Don’t forget about any last minute cleaning that you may have in preparation for your move. Disinfectants and surface cleaners have a special way of antagonizing the skin of eczema patients.

Stressful situations

It’s no secret, moving is a stressful time for everyone. Whether you’re uprooting your life to move across the country to an unknown area, or you’re tackling the project solo, stress levels are bound to increase at some point in time. No matter what comes your way, try to keep a level head at all times.

Some friendly advice…

By taking a few extra measures, you can make an oftentimes miserable experience a more positive one.

Give your home a scrub down

Take some time to give your new home a thorough cleaning after all of your belongings are unpacked. It goes without saying, but this is a good practice in general. You’ll remove any allergens and grime left behind by the previous inhabitants.

Set aside an essentials box

Learn from my mistakes. Without even thinking, I packed away some of my allergy medication and topicals. Needless to say, I had to unpack a few boxes to get to them. I recommend designating a box or bag for any items that you may need before, during, or after moving day. Be sure to toss in an extra set of clothes and your toiletries as well.

Be proactive with your skin

This next piece of advice goes hand in hand with the bit above. Be sure to take any allergy medicine before you start packing and frequently clean your skin of any allergens or irritants that may be lurking around. Any time my face would start to itch I’d take a moment to go wash it in the sink. Not only did the sensation subside, but it left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on my next task.

Prepare in advance and make time to unwind

Don’t start the packing process the night before your move. Start two weeks (or more) out. This will allow you to pack in increments thus reducing any stress that may come from a last minute scramble to get everything done. Taking time to unwind after a stressful day of packing is also necessary. Use this time to make a plan for the next day’s venture and to relax from your hard day’s work.

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