Last Night the DJ Saved My Life..!

A lot has been made about the effects music can have on one's well-being. I can certainly vouch for this. Having had eczema for the best part of my life, I believe that music has been like a guardian angel. The NHS commented: "Our 'favourite music evokes the same feelings as good food or drugs' reported The Guardian. It said that scientists have found that our brains release the 'rewards chemical' dopamine in response to hearing music we like, similar to the brain’s response to delicious food or drugs such as cocaine."1

It makes for a great distraction

Knowing there are actual physiological changes taking place in the brain from listening to or playing music is comforting alone. It's great for distracting yourself too. Sometimes if I don't feel right and I know I may be about to have a flare-up, I'll whack one of my favourite records on or pick up the guitar. It doesn't always avert the flare-up, but the results can be amazing if I catch early. I find it astounding how just a single chord can have a physiological effect on the body. A major chord can be instantly uplifting, while a minor chord can elicit a sense of melancholy. It's incredible!

It's helpful while trying to sleep

Often, if I'm having trouble getting off to sleep, I will listen to some of my favourite electronic House music. It has really melodic/gentle rhythms and beats that help slow my heart rate and relax me. I think you should try it! Again, it's a great distraction from the itching because it allows you to focus on the sounds and rhythms, and before you know it, you've forgotten about the itch. It's like magic. There are times when I can't sleep, and I've had too much music that day. So, another thing I do to help me get off to sleep is listening to weather podcasts. There is something so soothing about listening to a rainstorm or wind storms. I think it's because you know that you're all tucked up safe and sound in your warm bed, and so your mind, well, my mind, can suspend reality and imagine I'm out there in the rainforest or whatever.

Maybe try learning a musical instrument?

Listen, you've got no excuse. We are all in lockdown again, and so we have time to learn new skills. Why not try learning a musical instrument? If you have any kind of artistic bent, I promise you, learning to play something will bring you great joy. Times are hard for many these days, so if you cannot afford to buy an instrument, there are some pretty decent apps you can download on your phone if you want to learn the keyboard or guitar, etc.

More on this topic

I cannot enthuse enough about how music has changed my life. I encourage anyone to make playlists of your favourite songs, and I reckon you might be surprised at just how effective you find this on your soul and, most of all, your skin! Keep the records playing!

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