Does Music Stop the Itch?

Many say that music heals. Some may even proclaim that a DJ saved their life. Whatever role that music plays in your life, it is a known fact that music can enhance any mood that you already have in a positive or negative manner. Music sparks reaction and in the form of ‘music therapy’ it even calms you or can cause you to forget about your eczema itch! This is from personal experience, but there are many studies about the health benefits of music.

The science behind music therapy

Whether you like to dance the night away or simply use it as a tool for relaxation, one thing for sure is the science behind the beat. Professor and Director of PhD in Creative Arts Therapies, Dr. Joke Bradt of Drexel University recently stated, “Music is not just a feel-good thing. Neuro-imaging studies have shown that music impacts areas of the brain that play a crucial role in reducing stress hormones and releasing dopamine and endorphins.”1 Positive endorphins or those “feel good” signals to the body is the same thing that’s widely known for the benefits of exercise, so just imagine dancing while listening to music. It is a heightened feeling that could, dare I say it, stop the itch, if just for a moment.

Calming me down at night when eczema kept me up

At a very young age when I experienced sleepless nights or was awakened in the middle of the night due to itchiness or other health problems, my mom would play tunes in the now dinosaur portable radio with a cassette tape she had for me. These were spirituality based songs, but if she knew the scientific benefits of what she was providing me as peace and distraction so that I can calm down and go back to sleep, I am unsure. What I am sure of is that it worked.

Music is healing

Music has always been a key component of my well-being passed down from my family. Music is healing. Dr. Joke Bradt also stated that research shows that music improves the immune system. That means health in a speaker. Why not make it a routine to create the setting for this healing in the comfort of your own home? I hope to learn more about music therapy as a profession and possibly use its services from a licensed practitioner of the art, but until then I’ll be sure to keep the tunes going in any scenario that I am in to enhance my mood.

Using music when you're itchy

If you’re not someone to have tunes playing all day like me who wakes up to my favorite artist as my alarm clock to get me going, then think about turning on a tune or two the next time you’re in that itch attack. Sometimes it is all that we have! It may not stop the itch but it certainly is worth the try to decrease the intensity or simply cause an ounce of a distraction while you prepare your bath or skin routine that is necessary. I plan to begin sharing playlists of eczema inspired warrior songs and also soothing vibes for the soul. Can’t wait for you to tune in.

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