A person's armpit being sprayed with deodorant, with a stick and roller deodorant in view

Deodorants: What’s the Problem?

One of the many concerns for eczema patients, and certainly for myself, is choosing the right products that won’t irritate our skin. It seems as if everything can irritate our skin, from mildly perfumed creams and lotions to just plain old water.

What does choosing the right deodorant mean?

Deodorants have always been a problem for me. Choosing the right one for me means buying the one that causes the least irritation. The soreness can be really felt if I apply my deodorant and I have cracks/cuts on my body. It may sound like an obvious thing to say, but it is about scanning through the ingredients and making sure the ones you buy will not cause an allergic reaction.

What have I learned about roll-on deodorant?

Roll-on deodorants are said to keep the armpits drier by blocking the pores. There is alcohol in a lot of these products and this can cause dryness and itching. These deodorants do not really prevent sweating, however, they do control odor which is triggered by sweating.

What is the best time to apply it?

Roll-ons tend to be in either liquid or gel forms which, when applied, feel very wet and again if you like me have broken skin in this area, you will experience stinging and a little irritation. Most people apply deodorants after a shower or bath. After I am showered and dried I get dressed and then at about after 30min I apply my deodorant. This is because if my skin is damp the efficacy of the deodorant is lessened.

What have I learned about spray deodorant?

These deodorants can have harmful fumes and should ideally be used in well-ventilated spaces. I have chronic asthma so I try to stay well clear of these products. Again in my experience, Sprays tend to give a more effective fragrance but they are just too irritating for my skin. This coupled with the choking fumes is a definite no-no for moi!

What about antiperspirants?

Antiperspirants come in the form of a stick that you swivel like lipstick to apply. It is very dry and can cause itchiness because out of all these products, this really does block the pores up. That said, I do use these products because I find them the least harmful to me. There are an array of products you can choose from and figure out what ingredients affect you the most etc.

Why does my eczema play a role in deodorant?

As an eczema patient, this is something I would really love to be able to not think about. But I cannot afford not to because if I want to look after my skin, I have to take care of anything and everything that comes into contact with it. Also, a helpful tip perhaps: When I'm not working or going out on a social occasion I don't use any deodorant! I know, wild man! Breaking conventions all over the place! But seriously, this just helps me give my skin a breather. I recommend this to anyone who might be suffering or at a loss as to what to do with their hygiene habits.

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