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Positivity Won't Cure My Eczema

I believe always “being positive” with any condition is overrated. I mean, after all, this is the real world. We have real issues and there’s no one in this world walking around with a smile on their face all of the time. We’re human and we’re allowed to be frustrated. We’re allowed to be fed up by things and people and we’re certainly allowed to be fed up with living with a very visible, yet still extremely invisible, condition like atopic dermatitis.

Struggling with eczema

When I was first diagnosed I didn’t understand how to deal. No one told me to be positive. No one told me I had permission to feel anything at all. Everyone made it seem normal. “Oh, everyone has eczema,’ they say. Because everyone has something, does that make it any easier? A wise person once said, “Being well adjusted in a very sick society is no measure of health." I find this so true. Especially true when talking about life with certain conditions.

Not letting eczema control my life

Honestly, I’m not that bitter about my condition. I’m no longer mad and really never get sad about it anymore either. It still affects me, just not in the same ways. I no longer care what people think of me, or my skin or anything I live with. I realize these things are out of my control and accept how different I am. My differences are the exact things that make me special, unique.

Positivity won't cure my eczema

But I do see a lot of “positive talk’ online. People encourage others to deal with adversity “with a smile.” Read a quote, do yoga, meditate. And while those things can be helpful with dealing with emotional grief, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Positivity doesn’t actually solve the problem, it simply helps you to cope. It’s a coping mechanism that while effective, doesn’t change your circumstances.

If only it were that simple

Trust me, if positivity could change my life, I would be the big, yellow, smiling emoji with the tears in its eyes. I would walk around like that old Walmart sticker and pass out high fives all day. If positivity were actually a solution, I’d be the most positive person you know...but it’s not.

Being brave with eczema

I think it takes quite a bit of bravery to wake up every day to an imperfect body. To still give your best. To still try to do things and live life in spite of your circumstances. To get out of bed knowing it may be hard…and do it anyway.

My beliefs

So no, I don’t think you need to be positive. I don’t think a quote will solve your life’s worries. I don’t believe meditation will take your problems away and I don’t believe there’s a chance you’ll meditate yourself into a new life or body. But I’ll tell you what I do believe:

  • I believe being you is the most powerful medicine there is.
  • I believe giving yourself permission to heal and feel can help
  • I believe there is nothing more powerful than living your life to the best of your ability.
  • I believe in you

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