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Review of Preventable Documentary

In only two weeks since it was published on YouTube, the Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ documentary reached over 21,000 views.

Safe to say, this film by warrior Briana Banos is making history.

Briana Banos

I met Briana back in 2016 via one of the many eczema groups on Facebook. At that time, she was already raising money for Preventable and I was working on a small series to showcase my topical steroid journey.

She was friendly, open, and mission-driven. Just through our email interactions, I could tell Briana had a grand vision for her documentary, pre-planned with everything that it required, and a ‘nothing-is-going-to-stop-me’ attitude. Just the person our community needs to bring awareness!

Topical steroid withdrawal

Briana’s passion for the documentary sparked during her own withdrawal from topical steroids after showing signs of Red Skin Syndrome. Before topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), Briana was living her best life – recently married and working as a performer and aerialist with Royal Caribbean. What would occur during her healing journey is in itself a testimony to what could have been prevented.

Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ

While sharing her own personal journey in her documentary, Briana takes us along with her as she travels around the globe to bring awareness on how topical steroids are being utilized, its mistreatment, and the horrid side effects when overused. We meet other patients and caregivers involved in TSW, as well as experts and doctors and their various perspectives on the subject.

Documentary review

The truthful and thorough examination provided in this documentary is inspiring, educational, and eye-opening. What I love most is how eloquently Briana breaks down the different components of TSW, how it affects all parties involved, and the ways we can prevent this from occurring in our personal lives. Preventable is raw, honest, and vulnerable capturing the viewer from the very beginning, all the way 'til its last second.

Although there are many takeaways from this film, here are a few I’ve gained:

You’re not alone

I was fortunate to be part of support groups when I was going through TSW back in 2014. Knowing that there were others who understood and can relate to what I was going through, gave me the strength and courage to keep going every single day. Preventable does a great job in showing that those who are going through TSW are not alone and there are ways to seek support.

Healing is possible

Although the side effects of TSW are gruesome and unbearable, there is hope on the other side. The people and family interviewed in this film all had one thing in common: faith. They believed that their healing journeys with TSW were necessary in order to heal and live a better life; they never gave up on themselves. As a result, many have already healed and others have shown massive improvements.

Build a trusting relationship with your doctor

I grew up in a family where anyone with a white lab coat was taken seriously. If a doctor says 'do this and take that', that’s what was done without question. This film teaches its viewers to ask our doctors deeper questions, and to build a trusting relationship with them. If your doctor dismisses your feelings and requests for alternatives, it may be time to switch your caregiver.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me

If I want change to occur, whether that’s changing the overall medical dialogue or inspiring others to share their stories, then it is up to me to create that change. Briana taught me what is possible when I put my mind to something and back it up with faith, resilience, consistency, and commitment. The lives that will be changed through the creation of this documentary is priceless.

Thank you Briana Banos for your courage and undeniable commitment. I honor you!

This blog does not suffice the power and information provided by this film. If you haven’t watched Preventable yet, don’t hesitate any further. Watch it here on YouTube.

Want more information on Red Skin Syndrome and Topical Steroids Withdrawal? Click here or visit ITSAN’s website here.

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