Self Care with Skin Conditions 

Whether you are a caregiver or a patient, good self-care can be an important part of your health routine. Some may think that taking time for you is selfish. I prefer to think that by loving yourself, there is a tendency to be even more generous with the ones you love. Here are my 3 lifelong self-care with skin conditions tips that are easy to follow.


Self-care is an inside job to start with. Taking time for your inner space may even allow you to have more creativity to work on things you enjoy doing. It can also reduce the stress that is caused by having skin conditions.


By creating a personal area with some items that bring you comfort and joy, there is a sense of privacy. There you can write, draw, or think about your inner life and thoughts. Make notes for your doctor, or keep a list of allergens you are eliminating.


Let everyone in your life know that you are taking time for self-care. Whether it is 10 minutes before the sun rises, or a short break during your lunch hour, the time is your own.


Tuck away technology during your self-care time. Try not to even take a phone into your quiet space. Soft music can help, but disturbances can wait until later.

Keep us posted on your personal time and space. Take a picture and post it on facebook. Share your best tips for self-care with skin conditions.

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