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Best Underwear Types

So, I was looking and I couldn't really find a discussion on this forum about what are the best underwear types for someone with eczema. Whether it's bikini, briefs, hi-cut, hipster, etc. Any one got any suggestions? Because I don't want one's that are will rub against my inner thigh and are covered. But i also don't want ones that don't cover anything and rub my front area on my clothes and make the pain worse.

  1. Hi, thank you for your question! I personally aim for 100% cotton underwear that is seemless, so the seem doesn't rub against my skin and make me feel itchy. So far, my fave eco-friendly brand that meets this criteria is the brand, Boody, but I'm sure you can find other brands that also have similar qualities. Good luck! - Teresa (Moderator & Contributor)

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