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Stress Induced AD Relief

Atopic dermatitis has so many physical triggers. So many visible things can cause or contribute to atopic dermatitis flare-ups. The obvious detergents, soaps, dyes, lotions, perfumes can have devastating affects on skin for people with atopic dermatitis. Foods and drinks can also have an effect on atopic dermatitis. Temperature and sudden changes can likewise be contributing factors.

Eczema and stress

Another contributing factor that many people don’t consider is stress. Stress is an invisible danger with very visible effects that causes our body harm from the inside out. The emotional impact of stress can either cause or worsen flare-ups significantly. But stress, like many other atopic dermatitis triggers and contributing factors, can be managed with effort.

Great options to manage stress include:

Creativity and coloring:

Adult coloring book and or hobbies such as painting, or coloring with your kids. I have found adult coloring books with positive affirmations or quotes to be particularly helpful with stress management.

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Rest and restoration:

Getting proper amounts of sleep at night is essential to stress relief. Getting a good nights sleep affects our inhibitions and our ability to handle stressful situations as well as our mental capacity and our emotional reactions to stressful situations.

Eating well:

Eating well is essential as well. Our eating habits affect our energy levels. The foods we intake also affect our mood which in turn contributes to our stress or lack thereof.

Get moving:

Movement can also be a great stress management technique. Exercising, doing yoga, stretching more, walking, and running more can be great ways to manage stress by blowing off steam and regaining control over our minds and bodies.

Get out of your head:

Meditation is a great way to get out of your head and center yourself to relieve some stress.

Get in your head:

Counseling or therapy is a great and amazing option that far too many people neglect to consider or intentionally avoid. Therapy is not a diagnosis, it’s not labeling you, it’s just helping you. We all need someone to talk to relieve ourselves of our thoughts and express our stressors. Sometimes the best person for the job is someone whose actual job it is to know and understand how to help us. Sometimes having a neutral party listen in and jog our thoughts can be exactly what we need.

Vent to friends:

Find a friend or two to vent to. Find one or two people you can completely trust to vent to behind closed doors. Sometimes we need someone to express ourselves to that knows and understands us as people. Sometimes we need just a listening ear, sometimes we need advice, sometimes we simply need a great springboard to express our stressful ideas and thoughts to.

Believe in something:

Determine what you believe in and cling to it having faith that your belief system will give you what you need. Talk to others in your church or place of worship, believe in yourself, or pray to whatever God or being you believe in.

Find a hobby:

Find a hobby. "Me" time is essential, especially for caregivers and nurturers. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so fill yours up with "you" time and hobbies that relax you and restore your positivity and stress-free feelings.

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