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Are You Letting Fear Get in the Way of Your Healing?

I’ve been inspired to write this blog after experiencing the 110th message that goes a little something like this:

“Ashley, I really want to try Dupixent, but I’m so scared of the side effects… I read and saw other people’s reviews and it terrifies me.” 

*Insert emoji with facepalm* Oh honey, honey, honey.

Disclaimer: This blog is not suggesting that you try a particular drug over another. It is also not suggesting that you ignore a drug’s side effects. As always, please seek professional medical advice before trying a new drug or medicine. 

Faith in healing from eczema

When I receive these types of messages, I chuckle out loud because it shows me that even though I am living proof of my skin clearing up through the support of western medicine (and now transitioning into non-medical practices), it’s like people still don’t believe that healing from eczema is possible... or at least they don't believe in the tools that got me there.

This or That

Has fear ever kept you from trying a new treatment?

Fear in eczema treatment

Do you think I would be where I am now if I allowed my fear to get in the way of participating in the Dupixent trials back in 2014? Do you think my skin would be 98% clear of eczema if I allowed fear to get in the way of me consistently trying new forms of how to better manage my eczema? If I allowed fear to get in the way of my commitment to my health?

Fear didn't get in the way of my eczema treatment

I am EXACTLY where I am today because I participated in those Dupixent trials. I am exactly where I am today because I decided to try something new in hopes of bringing me relief. And I am exactly where I am today because I did not allow fear to get in the way of my faith and healing. Period.

Is fear getting in your way?

Fear is an effective and vital emotion to feel and experience because it lets our body know when we’re in danger. However, fear becomes ineffective when the emotion still arises even though we’re not in danger, or in this case, even when it paralyzes us from taking action and trying something new.

How you answer the question below is a great indication if fear is getting in the way of your healing. It’ll also tell me significantly of how far you are in your healing journey and how far you will go.

So that brings me to the question:

If you answered no, you’re right. If you answered yes, you’re also right. Huh? Keep reading!

Deciding whether or not to try something new

If you’re feeling stuck on your healing journey or if you’re walking on a thin rope on whether you should try a new drug, check out the points below:

Belief system

Your belief system and level of faith will choose your destiny for you. If you believe that there’s no way healing is possible from eczema, according to the law of attraction, you will not attract healing and you increase the probability of suffering.

But if you do believe that healing is possible and that your body is healing despite your eczema, you attract healing over time and increase your chances of getting what you desire. So I’ll ask the question again, do you believe healing from eczema is possible? And do you believe YOU can be healed from your eczema?

Awareness vs. fear

It’s important that you know the difference between becoming AWARE of the side effects and being FEARFUL of the side effects. Becoming aware of the side effects means that you are knowledgeable of what could possibly happen if you try X drug. You understand that possibilities don’t equate to certainties or facts.

Becoming fearful of the side effects means that you have already equated what could possibly happen as something that will happen. As a result:

  • You become paralyzed and don’t try the medicine OR
  • You try the medicine with fear, increasing your chances of obtaining those side effects

What do you have to lose?

What if the drug does work out for you? What if you tried X drug and it healed your skin? Or it made it more manageable for you? How would you know if you don’t try it?

Something I always tell my followers is if X drug works, awesome! If it doesn’t work, awesome! Why? Because at least you didn’t miss out on an opportunity for healing. Once you know it works, you can now keep doing what’s working. Once you know something doesn’t work, well at least you can cross it off, say you tried it, and move on to the next option. (There are other options, you know that right?)

Be unattached to the results

And be patient for X drug to work its magic. Look, as of right now there is no cure for eczema, so please don’t expect X drug to cure you. Be open and curious about how your body will respond to X drug, but don’t lose hope just because it didn’t clear your eczema 100%.

If it helps you manage your eczema and its symptoms by even a little bit with the least amount of side effects, then that’s a good thing to consider. But all in all, don’t lose hope. If it works, awesome. If it doesn’t work, awesome! Remember, there are other options available for you.

Don't let fear get in the way of your healing.

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