The Trouble With Sleep Deprivation

Eczema can have a major impact on a person’s sleep. My sleep is always broken and if I am lucky, I might get around 3/4 hours of sleep every night. Just recently, I resorted to using painkillers to help me with the soreness, because I was in extreme pain. Particularly around my wrists and hands. The skin has become so dry and thick in these areas that it makes everyday tasks extremely difficult.

Which everyday tasks has eczema made difficult?

As an example, washing the dishes seems like a simple and easy task for most, however, for me, it is a different story. I wrap my hands and wrists in bandages then I put on the washing-up gloves over them. If I don’t go through the rigmarole of doing this, I risk getting soapy water on my skin and this has an instant effect on my skin causing me to scratch until I draw blood. Now I do the same when I prepare food. It’s all about recognizing the triggers! Another struggle is showering. I keep a separate pair of shower gloves in the bathroom. Every task can be an issue. I don’t know how I cope sometimes.

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How has sleep deprivation impacted me?

The worst thing that I find personally difficult to deal with is sleep deprivation. Having a good sleep pattern means that my body would be able to heal quickly. It would help benefit my mental health. I would get less brain fog and I would no doubt feel less anxious and stressed during the working day. Sleep deprivation affects my work too. If I am feeling exhausted I cannot give my best at work and this adds to my anxiety.

What changes have I made to try to get sleep?

One thing I try to do is not use my cell phone in the evenings. No harsh artificial lights in my eyes make for a more conducive night's sleep. So, I have very low-level lighting in my apartment which makes for a more relaxing environment.

Right now, my eczema is keeping me awake pretty much all through the night. My skin is extremely sore on my forearms, wrists, and the back of my hands. They are incredibly dry and cracked. The itch and pain are unbearable. I have been struggling for a while with this and as I mentioned at the top of the article, I recently decided to take some painkillers to help with my sleep. The scary thing is it did work but I would never recommend this as a long-term solution because it does not get to the root cause. I know that people can become addicted to painkillers so it is not something I will make a habit of. The truth is, I panicked and got a little desperate. I did it for two nights only.

What recommendations have I tried?

On talking with someone whose daughter is going through a bad time with her eczema: she wrapped her daughter's skin in bandages after applying black seed oil. I have since tried this and it has helped me get a better night's sleep. Thank the Lord! Just a disclaimer, this is a powerful oil that might disagree with some. I am always careful when applying new treatments to my body. Little patch tests help me to decide whether to continue to use or not.

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