A flaming roller coaster.

Eczema's Reflective Rollercoaster

Eczema is not that different from life in general. Life is full of surprises, predictions, and hopes. Sometimes there’s a plan, sometimes there’s not, but in both instances, the journey continues, and the days go by. The days can go by in a panic or with ease, but it is still a part of life, and each day you do your best.

The unpredictability of eczema

That exact process can be said about eczema. The surprise breakouts or allergic reactions show on the skin many times without knowing how or why. The hopes of skin healing when trying a new product or way of life and predictions of when eczema will be at its worst or not. Days go by, and maybe face eczema puts you in a panic, or possibly an open wound becomes infected. But also maybe, just maybe, there is a period of ease even for a day. Despite your specific reality, you do your best each and every day.

As life can be seen as reflective, recalling the ups and downs of it all, oftentimes happening simultaneously, eczema can and should be the same. Taking a moment to look back at what you’ve actually endured or what you’ve actually accomplished is a task that should be a constant activity for eczema.

A never-ending rollercoaster ride

The rollercoaster ride of eczema is filled with backward loops, the fastest speed and highest height that can be imagined. We somehow stay fastened in, and many of us may not scream or even make a sound while being on this ride because chronic illness is simply our normal. Despite how you handle the ride, there is no getting off or even pausing it for a breather. You just have to hold on, pray and release tears if necessary until the ride ends. The only thing about this eczema, or simply the ride of life, is that there is no end. There are only breaks or pauses until the next amusement ride shows up in a whole new form of a flare-up.

Finding a balance

At least, this is often the case for many until they find their best practices of healing and maintaining their flares. I’m grateful to have found my balance when eczema wants to creep up, but it took many years and lots of trial and error.  Eczema should not be pushed aside as an addition to your life’s journey as an outside burden. It is truly an internal concern that needs to be tackled from the inside out to understand and control. Those with eczema know that it surrounds or has the capability of surrounding their entire life.

Where there is bad, there is always good

Possibly there is an ability to have greater control of our flares the more we realize the flow of life. Good and bad times both come and go regardless of the duration of either. As life is easily noticeable to reflect on, how about we keep recognizing that with every bad flare also comes moments of peace and acceptance even in the hard times, just like life in general.

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