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Is Treating Eczema Internally Worth It?

Is treating eczema internally worth it? In order to answer that question, internal healing would first have to be defined. Healing from the inside out is my personal opinion of the most beneficial way of living with eczema. Once you make it through the battlefield of the beginning stages of the healing process you begin to learn what is best for you and your body individually to live a sustainable life with fewer flares at fewer periods of time. The more my body was healed from the inside out detoxing and fueling it with natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables, the fewer or less invasive my flares became.

Growth in natural healing

Treating eczema from the inside is worth it not only in the long run, in which the time frame varies for each person, but it is the process and endless ups and downs of acceptance in the moments of despair that truly build you up. You are training to be the most resilient and overall healthiest person when you choose more natural ways of healing internally.

Healing from eczema with medication

I healed my severe eczema naturally without any medications, but healing internally could include choosing biological medications such as Dupixent over topical steroid options. Yes, they both are adding things to your body in order to function better, but the injectable drug is oftentimes a slower process of healing by working with the way your biology is already constructed, versus adding something externally that can cause extreme side effects that could be unknown until it is later.

Topical steroid addiction

With that said, some people may not want any medication because of desiring to live a life without dependency on a drug. I was one of those people. Once I realized that my body was addicted to the topical steroid drugs I decided to take my chances with healing naturally and holistically so that I can once and for all live without emergency medication in my purse just as a precaution for any given incident.

A long but rewarding journey

Treating your eczema from the inside is a freeing experience. It could be argued that food or healthy eating will then be your new “drug” or necessity in order to survive and you will not be able to eat or do what you want without medication even if your skin is clear. That is an understandable statement, but once again if you continue to treat yourself like your personal experiment and test your tolerances, your body will most likely surprise you. It takes time to get to that point again, but I am about 2 in a half years into my topical steroid withdrawal and severe eczema experience healing myself naturally. I have finally found the healthy balance with treats added to my lifestyle that I prayed to get to when I first began my journey.

Is healing internally important to you?

Tell me why healing from the inside out for your skin is important to you in the comments. Or maybe you are contemplating incorporating more healthy lifestyles even while on medications? Either way you are in the right direction to have the continued thought of prioritizing your wellbeing.

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