Virtual Eczema Expo 2020

Last updated: July 2020

It’s that time of year again! It’s that time of year when Eczema Warriors around the world get excited for Eczema Expo 2020! The biggest eczema event of the year is still happening, put on by none other than the National Eczema Association. Despite the pandemic, the NEA has pushed forward to still bring us the event we look forward to every year. These three magical days take place on the weekend of July 24th-26th (Fri-Sat). Just a few more weeks. Everyone who registers in the US gets a t-shirt, tote bag, buttons, and samples from sponsors.

Eczema Expo has gone virtual!

From the comfort of your own home, get ready to access an entire global community of world-class experts with the latest information on available treatments and eczema warriors who are there to listen, learn, and support you on your skin journey. Expo will be featuring a modular agenda, allowing warriors to access education and social connections all day.

What can you do at virtual Eczema Expo?

You will have access to the library that is full of webinars and live presentations that will take place throughout Expo and will be added as the event goes on. You can talk to doctors, health experts, and #skinfluencers throughout the day during AMA’s. You can also take little quizzes throughout the day to earn badges which you can then exchange for goodies and swag!

What activities are on the agenda?

As for Live events, there will be some fun mixology classes so you can create some delicious cocktails right at home. There will also be The Itch Factor LIVE where you can join an open mic and submit a video of you doing what you love. Any talent or hobby you have is welcome, from singing, acting, dancing, poetry, drawing, you name it!

How can you connect with other eczema warriors?

When it’s time to mingle, the NEA has enlisted the creation of a local developer where you can walk into a virtual room full of avatars of your fellow warriors. As you walk through the room, your avatar will either get bigger or smaller. As you get super close to other avatars, you'll automatically jump into a zoom room with these warriors to start some friendly chat. It’s cool new tech that is the next best thing to being in-person. And if all of this wasn’t enough, there will also be a Virtual Dance Party Ecztravaganza!

What will the virtual Eczema Expo look like?

If you’re nervous that you won’t see any familiar faces - don’t worry, because you’ll start noticing that the event will start looking a lot like your Instagram or Facebook feed, Youtube, and various social media platforms. There will be several #skinfluencers in attendance, so get ready to get to know them on a more personal level. Whatever you are looking for or hoping for in your eczema journey, I can bet that you will find it and more at Eczema Expo 2020.

How much does it cost to attend?

If you're interested in attending, register now, before it’s too late! Just 17 days left until the first night of Virtual Eczema Expo on Friday the 24th!

Adults: $35Ages 6-12: $15Ages 12-17: $15Healthcare/Industry Professional: $100Exhibitor: $1,750Need more information on the Virtual Expo or want to see the Adult Agenda? Check out the NEA’s page about Eczema Expo 2020 here:

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