Wedding Day Flare Up

I didn’t have the most traditional wedding. My husband and I had both of our children first and then decided to get married. Some may say that weddings are supposed to be that way. Want to know what I say? That weddings shouldn’t involve eczema flare-ups! So, maybe that was my karma from the Catholic church...a huge flare-up on my wedding day. I couldn’t believe it! Maybe it’s one of those kinds of things like if a bird poops on you on your wedding day, it is good luck. I am going to patent this: If you get an eczema flare-up on your wedding day, then it is good luck.

Preparing for the big day

I had survived it all. I planned a wedding with a 5 month old and a 20 month old. The month before I began my Master’s program for my dream career as a teacher. Things were good. Life was good. Am I being dramatic to say that a flare up on your wedding day is terrible? Not to us eczema sufferers! You get it. It was August so I had a little bit of a tan going. The sun always helped my flare ups. At this time, I hadn’t seen a bad flare-up since during the pregnancy of my daughter. You never really know what can come up the day of a wedding but thank goodness my friends were on point and ready for any task.

The weeks leading up to the wedding I prepared like any other bride. I had my hair trial run and makeup tutorial. My sister took me to a cosmetic store called Mac and bought me really great (and expensive!!) makeup. I loved it. The day of my trial run I made the mistake of saying, “I hope I look exactly like this.” Well. I didn’t!

Wedding day is here

I woke up that morning with a swollen right eye shut. I went to bed with zero sign of a flare-up. If I wasn’t a flare-up expert, I would have thought I got bit by something. My eyes were common places for flare-up and I recognized the feeling. Eczema has a distinct itch for me and an even more distinct tingle. The eyelids were always a tricky spot for me to treat. I had to be cautious with my topical steroid, but that was the only thing that worked. I quickly applied my cortisone prescription strength medicine and hoped that it would kick in.

By the time I got on the site where my bridesmaids and I were getting our hair done it was beginning to look a little better. My makeup expert friend suggested I wear a darker eye shadow to cover it more. The expensive Mac makeup didn’t get used that day but it sure did after! With the help of my amazing friends I was able to be “picture ready” in no time. I had to apply medicine, drink lots of water, (hydration helps me), and try to stay calm. As always, stay consistent with your treatment and body care. I thought I was in the clear but the flare-up can happen anytime.

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