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Winter Cracks

I don't know about you, but during these winter months, my eczema really takes a turn for the worst. The bitter cold air is not exactly a comfort blanket for the dry, irritable skin that seems double sore during these months. As any eczema sufferer will tell you, most dread this time of year. This is when moisturizing is so very important. I know when the winter comes because not only does my eczema worsen, but I get cracks on my lips, in the corners of my mouth, and around my nose and ears. You may be forgiven for thinking that if you just turn the heating up and don't go outside where the claws of winter will be unable to get to you. Wrong! There is no escaping it!

Drying, artificial heat

I've needed to up my moisturizing applications.

The warm air generated by my central heating feels so artificial that when you moisturize your skin, it's like it knows that there is something not quite right about the atmosphere. You cannot fool it. You just have to get on and deal with it. Ordinarily, I heavily moisturize four times a day. In the morning before and after showering. Then same thing again in the evening. Normally this is enough to keep my dryness at bay, but currently, it does not seem to be touching the sides. I'm going through a whole tub of my Epaderm a week.

I do not want to jinx it, but I think my skin is on the mend. I have taken all the necessary precautions such as keeping myself well hydrated, eating the right foods, moisturizing roughly between seven to eight times a day - not even daring to deviate from this one little bit. Thankfully, it is starting to pay off. I have resisted using any form of topical steroids.

Resisting the steroid urge

My reluctance to use topical steroids is both a good and bad thing. I say good because if I can get by without using powerful medications that can cause major side effects, that can only be positive. The only downside is that the cracks and cuts on my skin do not seem to want to heal themselves too quickly. It is taking an absolute age for my winter cracks to heal!

Spring is coming!

The good thing about the seasons is that they change. We will come out of this season soon, and that gives me something to cling to. Some hope that things will improve and the days and nights will become warmer. As for now, I will carry on carrying on with all my little routines in managing my eczema. Patience is key is what I keep having to remind myself. So to anyone going through similar experiences with their eczema right now, hang on in there. Keep doing what you know to be the best for your health. Keep focused, and we will all soon be out of this cold spell. As the late great George Harrison said, "All things must pass."

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