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Where can I find soft clothing that will not irritate my skin?

I have tried almost every lotion / ointment out there but nothing keeps my skin from getting irritated. So now I am trying to find new clothing.

Community Answers
  • Courtney Getty moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi blinn1306!

    So glad you came to the community for some answers! It appears that your clothing seems to be irritating your eczema. Certain fabrics can be irritants or triggers for a flare so here are a few articles that may help you on your shopping quest:

    If you think it might be a matter of trying to determine what is irritating your eczema, here is an article full of suggestions as to what might be causing this discomfort:

    Thank you so much for sharing with our community! Please visit often and keep us updated on your relief endeavor!

    Best of luck,
    Courtney ( Team Member)

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