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Advice on getting some sleep when sweat is your main trigger?

It’s been 2 years now since this cycle of flare ups started for me. It started after I started to go to the gym more often and it only started as small patch near my armpit. I remember the irritation being so bad that I was running/holding my face to stop scratching my arm but that led to my face and eyes flaring up and becoming another main spot for my dermatitis. For almost the entire first year i tried all the home remedies I could to help it but I was making it worse by going into a scratching frenzy as soon as I fell asleep every night. That’s the cycle I’m stuck in, it slowly getting better for me to get a couple hours of sleep to be woken up covered in blood. When I first saw the nurse she told me it looked like dermatitis to her and gave me a steroid cream to use. I used it until I was clear for all to flare up again, seeing the same nurse she said she would refer me to dermatology. After months of waiting I got no appointment and the dermatitis has spread to my arms, hands, legs, neck and ears. It’s got so bad and painful from me falling asleep scratching that I had to go to A&E, where they also said it looked like it was AD but id need a diagnosis from dermatology. They also gave me a stronger steroid cream which worked again but flared up after I got a little bit of sleep, got sweaty and scratched. Any good advice on this from anyone. Maybe you’ve experienced the same?

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