Jane's Eczema Story

Hi my name is Jane and I have suffered from eczema as long as I can remember. I am 68 years old, living in Tennessee, and happily retired. My skin had gotten worse as the years have gone by. I had a real bad winter this year!!!

From one doctor to another

I have gone to so many doctors through the years because I have moved 29 times. The doctor I saw for 15 years retired and I thought I knew enough to go it on my own. LOL!!! My simple eczema turned into AD a few years back and it got so bad that I had to find a new doc. The doctor wanted me to go back on allergy shots to help get my skin under control plus the medicine and lotions.

My reaction to the allergy shots

The allergy shots were going good until the last two times. I had a reaction that was too small to record and my face and the top of my feet broke out in a rash that hurt a lot. The next time I got a shot, my face started to break out even before I left the office. I had a big enough reaction this time to take notice. They put me on pills and want me to not get another shot until my face clears up. Then I will be put on a lower dosage for the allergy shots. The allergy shots that were going to help my skin were giving me a rash, or a flare up of AD.

Not letting AD control me

This could be so discouraging for me but I am not going down that road! I do have good doctors on my side who understand the many ups and downs that AD creates. I have a great husband who is very patient with me. The doctors have more options now, there are websites to help out. I will not let my AD control me!! Life goes by fast and I am going to enjoy the rollercoaster of life!!!

Do you have allergies?

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