Lifetime of Eczema and Asthma

Last updated: June 2021

I was diagnosed with eczema as a baby. Mom said I had a patch of eczema that wouldn't clear up. Finally, my pediatrician relented and told her to take me off of cow's milk. That did the trick for a while.

I had many food allergies and environmental allergies. I would break out mainly on my hands, my right hand was worse than my left. Still is. I also broke out at the bend of my elbows, behind my knees and on the top of my right toe.

Asthma and my eczema triggers

I also had asthma along with my eczema. Mom said that when my eczema flared up, my asthma would be better & vice versa. I finally outgrew the asthma in my 20's.

Stress, the weather, chocolate, pollen and other environmental allergens, animals can all effect my eczema.

Lotions, bathing and treatments

I now use Cetaphil lotion since Nutraderm isn't available anymore. I also use generic Topicort .25% to apply to my eczema to help keep it in check.

I only bathe with Dove soap and I use Dove shampoo. If my skin gets really out of control, I'll go to my dermatologist and get an injection of Kenalog .05% to help knock it out for a while. Decadron doesn't help at all. This is a brief synopsis of my life with eczema.

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