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My Daughter from Birth Till 3 Years Old

When I was pregnant I thought I'd have a good birth with my daughter. She was born sideways breech c section... Bringing her home she had eye water ducts I'm like why she always tearing up sneezing... She was such a good baby with the exception of no sleeping during the night...always up. No it's not only when she was a baby, getting older she never slept. She would bounce off the mattress many times thought am I crazy... Told doctor they think it's just eczema. It wasn't every time she was outside just going to car to house to appointments she would get red blotches all over her body.

Part mother, part detective

As her mother I had to be detective. I'm like is she allergic to sun? So the doctor referred me to an allergist asthma doctor at 2 years old. Did testing which reveals she is allergic to exposure to sun, dust, dust mites, mice etc. Then at 3, allergic to trees, pollen, mold, hay fever, grass, etc. So I learn at birth not to take her out to the park or regular events outside. If I did she would break out and get cranky. It was just miserable coming home. Took her bath, her steroid lotions, regular Benadryl for outbreaks and fever, cetirizine for allergies, hydroxyzine to sleep. Now nebulizer for asthma cause in heat and high humidity especially she stops breathing.

Will I ever sleep?

It is so bad I ask somedays will I ever sleep through night? Answer is NO because I have to keep an eye on my daughter through the night. Yes I rest but it is like any little noise her breathing. I'm scared out my mind.

Not an exaggeration

Everybody around me thinks I over exaggerated. But this has been going on since birth. I try to explain it but I'm at the point where I just say forget it, just keep her safe inside the house where she is cool under central air. When I throw out garbage she feels with her hand or nose if it is too hot she will not go out. She tells me mommy so hot hurry up now.

Trying my best

In my life I have to train her. In this weird skin disorder her skin is normal some days and some days bad. People don't realize inflammation under the skin which bothers her a lot. She itches. It can be as simple as being too hot, a rug, dust, anything. But I just try my best to keep my daughter safe and healthy.

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