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Combo of Betaderm, Vaseline and Lanolin Helps Me

I have had eczema since I remember being a young girl. It was behind my ears. After I had children it started to bother me more everywhere on my body. I still have terrible eczema on my legs, especially the left leg and I cannot get rid of it.

Best rash relief formula

I have had so many steroid creams on me that I started to worry about my life until recently, one doctor gave me an old formula which is in the title: combo of Betaderm, Vaseline and Lanolin. It is the best formula, although you have to apply it often, but it takes the leaky condition away. I still have the urge to peel my skin all the time. It is a horrendous amount of skin I used to shed.

I have asthma too

I also discovered I have asthma which I did not know but makes sense as my breathing is very sensitive.

I am 71 years old and still battling with it, not sure if I will ever get rid of it. Diet helps somewhat, I am trying to eat healthily.

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