Finding Love with Eczema Isn't Easy

Eczema can take a massive toll on your self-esteem. Seeing your body undergo a significant physical change can be really difficult & disorientating. I have personally struggled with self-acceptance and self-love due to my chronic skin condition.

Eczema makes me want to hide

I’ve opted to hide and conceal my skin for years, as the stares, questions and comments from others can make me feel extremely triggered, vulnerable, upset and othered.

So when you combine low self esteem & body confidence with severe eczema, skin scarring, hyperpigmentation and the 21st century metropolitan dating world, what do you get? A non-existent love life.

Afraid to become intimate because of eczema

I’m 24 years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I have huge walls up because the thought of being open and disclosing my skin condition to a male love interest is too frightening.

So, I shut people off before it can even get to that point where I become emotionally intimate as I have a fear of being physically intimate. For someone to see my skin is an intimidating thought. I also don’t know how to broach the topic, when to mention it and how and when to reveal it. And if I reveal it... will I be rejected? Will I be ridiculed?

Will someone truly find me attractive with eczema?

And even if someone does accept it, would they truly be attracted to it? Would it secretly repulse them? Would they be wishing that they could be with someone without this skin condition?

These thoughts often plague my mind, and whilst Instagram and the AD community help to instill a sense of body confidence within me, I know I have a long road to travel. But the sad truth is that this fear is paralysing.

To anyone out there male, female, non-binary who feels the same... please know that you’re not alone. We eczema warriors deserve to have our own love stories and we will find our person. Sometimes I think it would be awesome to have our own dating app for people with skin conditions. What do you think?

How does eczema impact your self esteem?

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